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Fluconazole for thrush: how to take, how to drink. Flucosol for thrush in women and men: reviews of doctors

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In recent years, significantly increasedPrevalence of fungal diseases. This is due to the active and not always competent use of cytostatics, antibiotics, corticosteroid hormones, the development of immunodeficiency states. In clinical practice, most often occurs urogenital candidiasis, occurring in a chronic / acute form. Thrush is characterized by the presence of vesicles and point erosions, a lesion of the mucous, with a tendency to cracking and bleeding in the vestibule of the vagina, purulent secretions of yellow / white, burning and itching in the perineum. Fluconazole for thrush is the drug of choice in systemic therapy of candidal infection. It is highly active against Candida (only 3-6% of Candida strains are resistant to Fluconazole), has good bioavailability and minimum contraindications.

Fluconazole for thrush: how to take, instructions

Fluconazole - an antifungal drug groupDerivatives of triazole. Fluconazole perfectly penetrates into urine, sputum, saliva, other tissue fluids. After oral intake, 90% of the drug enters the bloodstream, is excreted unchanged for 27-34 hours. It is produced in two forms: for oral (capsule) and intravenous (solution for injection) reception.

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Indications for use:

  • Recurrent and acute urogenital candidiasis;
  • Generalized candidiasis; Infections that affect the eyes, heart, respiratory and abdominal organs;
  • Thrush mucous pharynx, digestive organs, oral cavity;
  • Cutaneous mycoses (fungal skin lesions in the groin, on the body, feet);
  • As a prophylaxis for cancer patients taking cytotoxic / radiation therapy.


  • Individual intolerance of componentsFluconazole (sodium stearate, lactose monohydrate, colloidal silicon dioxide) Important: Parenteral tablets of iterfenadine, cisapride, astemizole, quinidine are not recommended;
  • Cardiomyopathy, renal / hepatic insufficiency, arrhythmia, bradycardia;
  • Pregnancy, lactation, elderly age (over 65 years).
The process of taking Fluconazole in a tablet

Fluconazole for thrush - side effect

With the correct dosage and intake scheduleFluconazole does not cause serious complications and side effects. In 15% of patients, allergic reactions to the active substance (urticaria, erythema, rash), malfunctions in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract are possible. Very rarely (1-2% of cases) are nausea, headache, dizziness, liver damage.

How to drink Fluconazole for thrush in women

The daily dose of the drug depends on the severityInflammation and the stage of the pathological process, therefore it is determined and, if necessary, adjusted only by the attending physician. Before the course of treatment, a microbiological examination is conducted, laboratory tests for the presence of dysbacteriosis and STD. The acute course of urogenital thrush requires combination therapy: Fluconazole tablets + local remedies (suppositories, ointments, creams). With light forms of thrush, only one capsule of the drug (150 mg) is sufficient. The medicine should be swallowed whole, without chewing, squeezed with enough liquid. Treatment of chronic candidiasis is carried out according to the scheme: two-time administration of Fluconazole for three days (150 mg), the full course is 28 days. For the prevention of relapse - on the first day of the cycle, one capsule for 5-12 months. The recommended daily intake for children is 3 mg / kg of body weight, in the first 24 hours it is advisable to take 6 mg / kg per day. The duration of therapy should not exceed 14 days. For the prevention of thrush with antibiotic therapy, the dose is 50-300 mg once.

Fluconazole for men with thrush

In men, in 45-50% of cases, infection with fungusCandida occurs during intercourse. In the first stage, the disease manifests itself only by a mild burning sensation, as it progresses, the symptomatology deepens: there is hyperemia and swelling of the penis, scarlet spots of various shapes and sizes on the penis head, severe itching and burning in the perineum, abundant cheesy discharge with an unpleasant acidic odor. Running thrush can lead to the formation of cracks on the surface of the foreskin, sclerosis, fibrosis. The standard dosage of Fluconazole for the treatment of candidiasis in men is 150 mg (single dose). Repeated reception of the drug - after 7 days. Therapy Fluconazole must be combined with the treatment of local effects - treat the genitals with antifungal creams / ointments.

Fluconazole for thrush: doctor's reviews

In the treatment of candidiasis, there are two mainProblems: self-medication attempts without a preliminary examination and later referral to physicians. To put the correct diagnosis and appoint an adequate therapy can only specialist. Fluconazole for thrush is considered the most effective drug from the line of antimycotic drugs of systemic action. To cure an acute episode, one capsule of Fluconazole is sufficient. If episodes of candidiasis are repeated 3-5 times a year, a long course is necessary - every 7 days for 150 mg of Fluconazole for 6-7 months.

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