/ / That it is possible to eat a feeding mum after sorts, in the first month, after a month. Can I breastfeed my mother?

What can you eat a nursing mother after giving birth, in the first month, after a month. Can I breastfeed my mother?

When it comes to the menu of a nursing mother,Most domestic pediatricians are of the same opinion - it should be dietary. Especially in the first months of a baby's life, when even the slightest non-observance of a diet can harm a child's health. At the same time in the West, doctors not only do not insist on special nutrition for a nursing woman, but in principle they deny it is necessary. They are sure: a young mother can eat as well as before pregnancy. Who is right and is it necessary to follow a diet during breastfeeding? Let's understand together.

Life After Childbirth: What You Can Eat Nursing Mother

In fact, the truth, as always, is in the middle. Limit a meager list of hypoallergenic products as bad as cracking hamburgers, washing them with soda. The female body after birth needs the strength to recover, especially if the mother feeds the baby with the breast. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to completely exclude from your diet fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. The best option is to stick to the prenatal diet, removing dangerous foods from the menu. These include: alcohol, carbonated drinks, too sharp and fatty dishes. Also, avoid products containing dyes, flavors, preservatives. Use carefully and fried foods, preferring cooked and stewed. Well, it goes without saying that rejecting foods that can cause an allergy to the mother.

Green list: what you can eat and drink to a nursing woman

To avoid general recommendations and makeClarity, we offer you an approximate list of products that can be used in breastfeeding. This list is exemplary and can be adjusted depending on the individual characteristics of each woman.

List of approved products for nursing mothers:

  • Meat (lean pork, beef, chicken, rabbit meat)
  • Fish (any low-fat varieties)
  • Vegetables (any seasonal local, as well as hypoallergenic: potatoes, cabbage, peppers, cucumbers)
  • Fruits (all seasonal and local)
  • Cereals (traditional for a woman's diet)
  • dairy products
  • Bakery products (except yeast and too sweet baking)
  • pasta
  • Eggs

Also, nursing mothers can have some sweets(Biscuit biscuits, pastilles, marshmallows, marmalade), dried fruits and nuts. Admitted to the diet, but in small quantities and seeds, milk, honey, citrus. They should be used carefully and excluded at the first sign of an allergic reaction in the baby.

As for drinks, Mom can: Compote, mors, tea, kefir, and uzvar. Cocoa and coffee are acceptable in small doses (maximum 1 cup per day) provided that the child does not experience discomfort after eating.

Remember that new products should tryVery neatly and not earlier than one month after delivery. And the older the baby becomes, the more diverse the mother's menu should become. The exception is the beginning of complementary feeding and disease - at this time, you should carefully approach the planning of your diet.

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