/ / Pulls the lower abdomen: after menstruation, sex, as with menstruation. Why pulls the lower abdomen: causes and symptoms

He pulls the lower abdomen: after menstruation, sex, as with menstruation. Why pulls the lower abdomen: causes and symptoms

Drawing pains in the lower abdomen - nonspecificA symptom typical of many diseases. In the pelvic region, there is a large accumulation of sensitive nerve nodes, so the pain impulses coming from the pelvic organs are hardly identified by the Central Nervous System. If pulling the lower abdomen, you need to seek the advice of a specialist and undergo a survey. After studying the anamnesis (the nature of the pain, the area of ​​spread, the conditions of origin, localization, concomitant symptoms) and the analysis of laboratory data, the doctor will put the correct diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate therapy.

Pulls the bottom of the stomach - causes and obvious symptoms that indicate specific diseases:

  • Infectious inflammation of the pelvic organs. Chills, fever, purulent discharge from the vagina, pain and heaviness in the lower abdomen;
  • Progressive diseases of the genitourinary system (cystitis, endometritis, salpingitis). Vaginal bleeding, severe pain syndrome with menstruation, drawing pains in the lower abdomen;

  • Acute phase of ovarian pathology (tumor neoplasm, cyst). The lower abdomen is pulled due to rupture of the ovary / cyst, excessive bleeding / divergence of the cystic fluid irritating the peritoneum;
  • Syndrome of excessive stimulation of the ovaries. It develops in women who abuse hormonal drugs that provoke an increase in the size of the ovary, which leads to severe pain in the lower abdomen, bloating, weight gain;
  • appendicitis. Specific symptom - intense pain in the lower abdomen in the right side, nausea, vomiting;
  • ectopic pregnancy. In ectopic pregnancy, the abdominal pain hurts as with the monthly, with a gradual increase in the pain syndrome, in the event of rupture of the tube and intra-abdominal bleeding, acute pain occurs.

Why pulls the lower abdomen before the monthly

Painful sensations before menstruation are manifestedIn different ways: the stomach can pull, increase, ache. All this happens in conjunction with increased lability of the nervous system, a violation of the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, obsessive headaches.

Typical causes:

  • Sudden changes in the regime of rest, sleep, work;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • Stress, nervous disorders, depression;
  • Presence of foci of inflammation in the organs of the small pelvis;
  • Illiterate use of hormonal contraception;
  • The transferred abortion, surgical operations on genitals;
  • Failure of neural lipid metabolism;
  • Accumulation of fluid in the body;
  • Deficiency of progesterone and excessive estrogen production in the last phase of the cycle.

It hurts and pulls the lower abdomen after menstruation

Moderate pain in the abdomen during or before the day beforeMenstruation - the physiological standard. And why pulls the stomach after menstruation? There are two versions of the development of events: the dynamics of the pathological condition, implying urgent surgical intervention, and the permissible deviation from the norm.

Variants of the norm

  1. Postovulatory syndrome. During ovulation, the egg that is ready for fertilization leaves the ovarian follicle into the abdominal cavity, from which it "clings" to the processes of the fallopian tubes and begins to move to the uterus. After 3-6 days after fertilization in the fallopian tube, the fetal egg is implanted into the uterine mucosa, if conception does not occur, after 24-36 hours the sex cell dies. Gynecologists distinguish a specific term - postovulyatorny syndrome, which occurs due to changes in the hormonal background.


    • The lower abdomen hurts;
    • Abruptly increases libido;
    • The type and amount of vaginal discharge changes;
    • The general state of health and emotional state worsens.
  2. Pregnancy. If after the ovulation pulls the lower abdomen, it may have become pregnant. The introduction of the egg into the wall of the uterus is accompanied by the release of enzymes that melt the membranes of the uterus - this causes damage to the blood vessels and the integrity of the tissues, which explains the slight soreness in the abdomen. The second sign of pregnancy is implantation bleeding (observed in 10-20% of women), which is a smearing red / brown discharge.

  3. Premenstrual syndrome. Complex complex of signs developing 3-10 days before the onset of the cycle. It has many manifestations, including drawing pain in the lower abdomen, vegetative-vascular disruptions, and psycho-emotional agitation.

    Pathological signs:

    • Intense pain in the abdomen, which is not removed by analgesics and significantly worsens well-being;
    • Bleeding, which by characteristics differs from implantation;
    • Disorders of stool, urination;
    • Tension of the muscles of the abdomen;
    • Lack of appetite, fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, severe weakness.

Pulls the bottom of the stomach after sex

After quality long-term sex 20-25%Women experience episodic / regular pain in the lower abdomen. Many are embarrassed to admit this even to a specialist, prolonging their suffering. Meanwhile, gynecologists argue that there are many means that can make sex completely painless.

Why pulls the stomach after sex - the reasons in chronological order:

  • defloration. Fear during intercourse causes the muscles of the vagina to contract - this causes soreness;
  • Vaginismus. If the first sexual experience was unsuccessful, the woman formed a subconscious fear that provokes a muscle spasm, which leads to the impossibility of a full coitus;
  • Violation of the integrity of the hymen. If the closeness is not the first, and the stomach pulls like the first time, it is likely that the spittle has not completely broken. Sometimes virginity in the anatomical plan is broken completely only during the course of labor;
  • inflammation. The inflammatory process is indicated by itching, burning, pain, dryness in the vagina during / after sex. In this case, you can not do without a test for infections that are sexually transmitted (candidiasis, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea). For the duration of therapy, sexual activity should be limited and must be protected with a condom;
  • Spikes. Are formed as a result of an inflammation of the intestine or appendages. The presence of adhesions is diagnosed in 50% of women of childbearing age, they usually do not give symptomatic symptoms, but show themselves at coitus. The only way out is to undergo a course of treatment and find the most comfortable poses for sex;
  • breaks / trauma after surgery and childbirth. The question is solved by an operative way, development of intimate muscles and selection of optimal postures;
  • venous congestion. Long-term abstinence, a rare sex life, lack of orgasm leads to dragging pains in the lower abdomen after sexual contact. Over time, venous congestion even with the condition of regular sex becomes a predisposing factor in the development of serious gynecological diseases - endometriosis, ovarian dysfunction, uterine fibroids, mastopathy;
  • endometriosis. It is characterized by pain syndrome, which is worse before menstruation, spotting after / monthly, painful sensations after sex;
  • neuralgia of pelvic nerves. The nerve becomes inflamed due to infection, stress, hypothermia, provoking a sharp pain in the leg;
  • anatomical incompatibility of partners;
  • inadequate release of lubricant. It is a consequence of removal of the Bartholin gland, psychological barrier (fear of becoming pregnant, unwillingness to have sex) or hormonal imbalance (menopause, postpartum period, hormone intake).

During pregnancy, a woman should be treatedto sex very carefully. Gynecologists do not recommend too frequent intercourse, especially if after sex pulls the lower abdomen. The reason is that habitual postures have become uncomfortable due to changes in the muscles of the uterus and the vagina, so their reduction causes pain. Any signs of aggravated, prolonged pain in the lower abdomen after sex - an occasion to seek medical attention in order to prevent the progression of serious gynecological pathologies.

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