/ / How to respond to an insult cleverly, nicely, politely, correctly. How nice to answer an insult.

How to respond to an insult cleverly, nicely, politely, correctly. How nice to answer an insult.

We all heard in our addressInsults and from surprise we did not know how to properly react to them. Started to be rude or crying from offense. Our psychologist gives several tips on how to intelligently respond to the offender with an insult. It gives examples of phrases that will help you get out of an unpleasant situation beautifully.

How to properly respond to an insult

For starters, let's talk about several types of correct reactions to an insult.


Do not underestimate this tactic, because,As is known, the offender always feels satisfaction if he sees that the object of his nit-picking loses self-control or gets involved in a conflict. Show the offender that you are not affected by his opinion and you are only a little surprised by rudeness in his side. If you are sitting at a computer or doing physical work without looking up, ask: "Do you have a problem?" Or "Are you talking to me?" Such a reaction in many cases reduces the heat of the offender, because his words did not bring the expected result. Plus, everything: you will earn the reputation of a reasonable, calm and confident person. To respond politely to an insult means to not fall to the level of a boor.


We do not agitate to organize a fight and engage inAssault. Aikido is the psychological technique of translating the negativity of your interlocutor to him. There are times when a boor is not limited to one phrase or in the presence of the whole collective humiliates you, in such a situation nothing is answered - it is wrong. You must protect your honor and dignity, right? Use the technique of Aikido, namely, thank the interlocutor for the time spent indicating your shortcomings. Tell him that you would not do such a thing for him, because you do not care. Make sure that your answers are not sarcastic, you must demonstrate the same steel calm, which we talked about in the previous paragraph. End the conversation with the phrase that you will necessarily think about your shortcomings tonight and try to do everything possible to correct yourself. As a rule, such a reaction is discouraged by a boor, and all witnesses to the conflict will unequivocally accept your side!


If you are significantly higher in intelligence,Than your abuser (and often it happens), you can come in handy technique of dullness. For example, a boor tells you: "You have such a mess on the table, as if you evolved from a pig ...", reply to this insult the following: technically, Darwin proved that the pigs in no way refer to the evolution of Homo Sapiens back in the nineteenth century. I can give you a book about this so that you can continue to have the right data. "Agree, this answer levels the offender's words and even puts him in an awkward position!


Ignore the lunge in your own wayEveryone, and not always it is appropriate. But there are times when the insult is so petty that you just want to grin, they say, what a foolish and wicked person this person really is. Do not hold yourself back! Demonstrate in response to the rudeness of a good mood, show that you are not touched by boorish words, moreover, you do not take them seriously. Just do not answer rudely, do not insult in return, this is what the boor expects from you.

What you do not need, answering the abuser:

  • Respond to rudeness with rudeness
  • Raise one's voice to an interlocutor
  • Show weakness, cry

If until now you have not thought aboutYour behavior in stressful situations, you may need some time for training. Ask a person close to you to simulate several conflict situations and try on it the tactics of answering rudeness that we have offered you.

On how to restrain yourself and not to cry, read here.

How to respond to an insult correctly, cleverly and beautifully

And now some phrases that will help you answer the insult cleverly, beautifully and with humor:

"Excuse me, is that all?"
"I had a better opinion of you"
"Rudeness does not suit you very much"
"Are you waiting for a polite answer or truth?"
"Why are you trying to look worse than you are?"
"Like everyone else, I also have bad days." "Do not get upset, everything will be fine"
"Yes, of course, pass on. Let there be luck on your side" (in case someone climbs without a queue)
"It seems that this role does not suit you." What do you really want? "
"Thank you for showing interest in my person"
"Do you want to offend me? For what?"
"Rudeness is not necessary."

Now you know how to respond politely, beautifully and cleverly to an insult. Sincerely we wish to not meet on a life course of boors!

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