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As in the 50 feel healthier and happier than in the 25

How to become an Instagram star in 73? Run the half marathon at 52? In 73 years to become a famous model? In 60 years, every day for several hours to spend in the gym? All this - the stories of the heroes of the book "At Its Best", the active life of which began after 50.

Star of Instagram in 73 years

Annette Toin is 73 years old. More than twenty years she was a nun in a Catholic monastery. She wore closed clothes, prayed and kept vows. Once, she realized that she was missing something important. On that day, she decided to leave the monastery and become usually a pensioner who has a garden. Now Annette is an Instagram star: she often photographs herself in the mirror and puts them on the net. "I'm happy to be at my age, because now I'm finally feeling happy and I like myself in the mirror!" Says Annette.

Josep Peña, who looks great

Josep Peña is 60 years old and he looks just fine. Some people are very jealous and think that they are just good genes. But this is not so! Jose every week working hard on himself: he rowed on the boat, walks into the hall and 2-3 hours shakes muscles there. However, when Josep wants to rest he ... goes to the dance. This is the secret of Josep's success. He says that only in adulthood he realized how important it is to watch yourself and play sports. "It is important only to begin!" - say Josep.

Beauty-editor, who stopped the time

Jane Cunningham created a beauty blog about beauty afterForty-five years. She calls to think about why the beauty industry is now so actively cultivating the notion of "youth". At the same time, "youth" and "beauty" are completely different concepts that may not be related to each other. Although brands do everything to make us simply panic afraid to grow old. "I want to prove that you can be beautiful at any age, while remaining with natural beauty," - says Jane.

Annabelle Davis, who works as a model in 63

Annabelle Davis has spent almost her entireLondon airport constable. She wore a uniform and was used to maintaining order. But at 60 she retired and thought about what to do next? So, quite by chance, she got into the modeling agency and became a famous model. Now she is actively withdrawn and walks on the catwalk. The secret of beauty, according to Annabel, is very simple: it's a lot to walk and spend one or two days a week on your own unloading days.

Run half-marathon in 52 years

Larissa Inozemtseva decided at the age of 51 to change herselfCompletely: she lost 18 kilograms and seriously started running. It all started with the fact that her daughter Katya and Dima's son-in-law just put her before the fact that they all participate in the marathon together. Then Larisa began to train and very active. Every day she began to run a little. As a result, after several months she could run ten kilometers! What you will not do in order not to fail the family team.
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