/ / Ches clitoris: causes of itching. What is the secretion and itching of the clitoris?

Itching of the clitoris: the causes of the itching. What is the secretion and itching of the clitoris?

Itching in the clitoris

That women's intimate areas are very gentle and thatSelf-medication is not worth it, knows every representative of the fair sex. However, with the slightest suspicion that something is wrong, it's unlikely that anyone would like to run to a gynecologist. Polls show that these doctors are in second place after dentists for the fear caused, and this despite the fact that half of the respondents are men. Let's try to figure out when the itching in the area of ​​the clitoris and discharge are direct signs of health problems, and when their cause can be eliminated on their own.

Causes of itching clitoris

At once bad news: very often burning causes exactly the pathology, infection and all that is not recommended to treat yourself. However, there are exceptions. So, the causes of unpleasant sensations:
Improper hygiene is one of the mostCommon preconditions for the appearance of anxiety symptoms. Moreover, both untimely care and its excessive amount are equally harmful (for usual days, washing should occur 1-2 times a day, and during menstruation more often). Do not abuse antiseptics and syringings - they can also cause harm.
Note! It is also necessary to wash yourself properly - hand movements, the water jet should be directed only from front to back. Otherwise, you can bring an infection from the rectum.
The cause of itching may be hormonal ageChanges in women in the age of menopause. The lack of female hormones sometimes leads to the drying of the skin of the labia and mucous membranes, which causes unpleasant sensations.
Burning and other symptoms in the intimate area canCause improperly selected underwear. Synthetics and lace, of course, are very beautiful, but they are not always worn - because of the obstruction of air penetration they can cause itching, the appearance of diaper rash and redness.
Sometimes such symptoms appear on the lastMonths of pregnancy because of the increased release of female hormones. In this case, the only option is to wait and after the birth all the troubles will disappear.
Quite often the cause of pruritus is even lessNice things. Skin diseases, such as seborrhea, eczema, dermatitis and lichen can be manifested in such an uncomfortable way. Diagnosis occurs, as a rule, by the presence of foci and in other places. The localized manifestation of such diseases in the intimate zone is extremely rare and is the exception.
Itching, obvious redness, burning and pain,Which are accompanied by the appearance of vesicles with liquid on the labia, mucous membranes and near the anus are caused by genital herpes. This disease, which is viral in nature, is not very common in acute form, despite the fact that 90% of the world's population is carriers. The diagnosis can be made only by a gynecologist after a full examination.
Note! The main danger of genital herpes is a serious risk of complications in pregnancy and an increase in the chances of cervical cancer.
Similar symptoms in combination with secretionsOf different colors and different consistencies can also be caused by infections of the genitourinary system: pale treponema, chlamydia, trichomonads, gardenella, gonorrhea, microplasms, syphilis, urinalplasm and others.
The vagina has its own beneficial bacteria,Which support an acidic environment that is comfortable for women, and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms, which for a while do not make themselves felt. But when taking antibiotics or weakening immunity, these microorganisms can increase their growth and cause these symptoms - burning, itching in the clitoris and vaginal discharge. This process, known to many as thrush, should be treated after diagnosis by the doctor and by its prescriptions based on smear testimony.
Problems and abnormalities in the endocrine system, in particular diabetes, can also cause discomfort and even cause a thrush (candidiasis).

If the itching accompanies not only the area of ​​the clitoris and the vagina, but also the anus, it can be caused by helminthic invasion. At the same time, the symptoms will probably increase at night.
Another parasitic cause of itching and discomfort- scabies mites and pubic lice. They are fairly simple to determine independently visually or in the wake of bites and scratching. Get rid of parasites can be funds from any pharmacy.
All unpleasant symptoms can be a trivial allergy to synthetics in underwear, laundry detergent or hygiene, latex, fragrances or fragrances in pads.
The most unpleasant outcome is when itching causes oncology. That is why it is important to consult a doctor for a full diagnosis.
Sometimes the cause of unpleasant symptoms becomes nervous overstrain and stress. In this case, the treatment is appointed jointly by a psychiatrist and gynecologist.

Treatment of pruritus in the clitoris

As can be seen from the huge list of reasons,Discomfort can and the most simple, and very unpleasant things. It is better not to delay and not try to diagnose the disease yourself, but to consult a qualified doctor and take the tests. So you quickly and safely get rid of itching in the clitoral area.
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