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Magnificent five: products required in the "pregnant" menu

Balanced nutrition of the future mother - a pledgeThe correct intrauterine development of the baby. Nutritional habits are individual and largely dependent on health and lifestyle, but some foods should be introduced into the diet from the first days of pregnancy.

Nuts are a source of unsaturated fat neededFor the correct growth of the fetus. A small handful of nucleoli a day is enough to get the required amount of nutrients. In case of allergy, nuts can be replaced with a couple of spoons of vegetable or olive oil.

A piece of hard cheese - Russian or Parmesan cheese- make up for the need for protein and calcium. Soft and mold varieties should be avoided - they can be affected by the pathogenic bacterium Listeriamonocyotogenes, which causes listeriosis.

Daily use of greenery will allowRestore the balance of iron and folate in the body. Dill, parsley, basil, rukkola, lettuce, seasoned with a mixture of oils or low-fat yogurt - the best snack for a pregnant woman. Oranges are a great fresh dessert that saturates the blood with vitamin C.

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