/ / Swine flu 2016, symptoms and treatment of the virus. Swine flu 2016, prevention and effective treatment

Swine flu 2016, symptoms and treatment of the virus. Swine flu 2016, prevention and effective treatment

On the fact that in winter 2016 in Russia againReturned the infamous swine flu know everything. But not everyone understands the whole danger and complexity of this disease. Unfortunately, a lot of people who have fallen ill ignore the timely application for qualified medical care, and healthy citizens forget about the basic rules of personal hygiene. As a result, the swine flu of 2016 in Russia has already managed to take the lives of almost 150 people, and the number of people affected by this stamp is growing every day, at the risk of becoming an epidemic. Therefore, in this article we collected information on the main symptoms, treatment and prevention of swine flu.

Symptoms of swine flu 2016: the main signs of the disease

First of all, let's talk about the main symptomsSwine flu in 2016, which should be guided by the sick to avoid complications. Unfortunately, the symptomatology of the H1N1 subtype is not practically different from the similar symptoms of another stamp or typical seasonal ARVI. It is for this reason that many sick people are drawn to the doctor, hoping for the effectiveness of self-treatment. And this is a big mistake, because the swine flu of 2016 gives serious complications as early as 2-3 days of the disease. Therefore, remember that high fever, cough, weakness, sore throat, chills and photosensitivity is an excuse to call a doctor and begin emergency treatment.

Signs of swine flu in an adult

In addition, this virus can manifest itself with other symptoms. Next, you can see the complete list of symptoms of the swine flu virus 2016 in an adult:
  • Elevated and high body temperature (37.5-39)
  • Chills, body aches, severe weakness, nausea
  • Photophobia and tearing of the eyes
  • Nasal congestion, runny nose
  • Rapid deterioration of health (in just a few hours it gets worse and medications do not help)
  • Sore throat and chest pain
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • Sometimes vomiting, diarrhea

Signs of swine flu in the child

In children, the swine flu 2016 is accompanied by a similarSymptomatology. There may also be lethargy, apathy, dizziness, and sometimes loss of consciousness. Because of the peculiarities of not formed childhood immunity, the disease can proceed very rapidly. Therefore, even for the first slightest signs of the onset of influenza, you need to react immediately - to seek treatment for a pediatrician.

Treatment of swine influenza H1N1 (2016)

First of all, one must understand that self-medicationDo not be engaged. Already too cunning this stamp and failure to provide timely medical assistance can lead to very disastrous consequences, up to a lethal outcome. But it is worth noting a number of activities that will help slow down the development of the disease. These include: a plentiful drink of pure water (fresh compotes, tea with lemon), knocking off high temperatures by rubbing with vinegar, consumption of vitamins and high-quality food.

Than to treat a swine flu (medicine)

If you talk about drugs separately, then in the firstThe queue needs antiviral drugs, for example, Tamiflu, Ergoferon, Ingavirin. With a dry cough, the "Sinekod" drops are good, which can be given to small children. It is also important to wash the nose with saline solutions. To remove the edema in the nose and to facilitate breathing, drops, for example, "Nazivin" or "Otrivin", will help. With regard to antipyretic drugs, swine flu is absolutely powerless drugs based on aspirin. Therefore, preference should be given to syrups and tablets with the presence of paracetamol, for example, "Nurofen".

Prevention of swine flu: drugs and precautions

But as you know, the disease is easier to prevent than treat. Therefore, be sure to adhere to the following safety measures:
  • Do not visit places with a large crowd of people, especially in a confined space, without the urgent need
  • Use oxolin ointment to treat the nose before leaving the foramen
  • Wash your hands often and use antiseptic gels
  • Do not touch the face, eyes and especially the mouth with dirty hands
  • Do wet cleaning, often ventilate the room
  • Enter into the diet natural "medicine" for the flu: lemon, garlic, onions
And remember that swine flu 2016 is successfully treated, so at the slightest manifestations of the symptoms of the virus you need to contact the polyclinic.
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