/ / How not to cry, if you want: what to do, says the psychologist. How not to cry at an inopportune moment.

How not to cry, if you want: what to do, says the psychologist. How not to cry at an inopportune moment.

Tears are a natural reaction to trouble,Grief or stress, but most people prefer not to show them to others. It is not easy to restrain when an insult or anger is rolling in. In this article we have collected psychological techniques that will help you not to cry when you really want. After reading our material, you will learn how to behave!

How not to cry when you really want to - exercise

Psychologists advise to concentrate on breathingIn moments of emotional arousal. You may have noticed that when you want to cry from hurt, breathing gets lost and accelerates, and in moments of great stress or fright you will not even have enough air for a while. To calm yourself - you need to calm your breathing. Do you feel that you are about to cry? Raise your chin and take a few deep breaths through your nose, exhaling through the mouth. This way you can get rid of the so-called lump in the throat. Try to count your breathing movements, imagine how the air fills your lungs. An unpleasant lump in your throat will help to remove a couple of sips of water or cool tea. If there is no liquid nearby: swallow several times. And do not forget about breathing.

If tears are already covering your eyes, blink them. It is not worth it to wipe your eyes exponentially, what else good will you ruin your makeup! Look down, then lift your eyes up, look to the right and left. Repeat this exercise several times until the tears are gone. Some psychologists advise you to cover your eyes for a few seconds.

You can also distract yourself from unpleasant thoughts,Performing one or another physical action. You can, for example, bite your lip or clench your fist. But, remember that you should not feel pain, only slight discomfort, which can translate your attention. If there is a person next to whom you trust, or someone who is aware of your psychological state - your palm can become his support.

Yawn, by the way, also helps to calm down! In addition, crying and yawning at the same time you just will not work! Physical exercises are very effective and will go to your nervous system for good!

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How not to cry at an inopportune moment - psychological exercises

In order not to cry at an inopportune moment,Think about something that will take all your attention. How about solving a mathematical problem in the head or repeating the multiplication table? Not only will you concentrate on it, so also make the left brain work, which is responsible for the computational operations. Emotions - controls the right; Stimulating the work of both hemispheres of the brain, you can effectively block the emotional flow. If math is not your horse, remember the words of your favorite song or even water it to yourself. The melody should be fun, and the words of the song are positive.

The second psychological method is more difficult, butMore effective. You need to remember something funny. Of course, to concentrate on something positive, when tears come to your eyes - it's not an easy thing. Psychologists advise in such a case to come up with and remember a list of jokes from movies or funny situations from your life that you will remember at moments of emotional experience. Try to smile!

Motivate yourself not to cry! For example, "if I pay, the boss will think that I'm weak" or "unfamiliar people will see that I do not know how to behave in my hands." Tell yourself that you are strong and it is now important to prove it!

Do not think about what upset you. What about the movie you wanted to see for a long time? And maybe on the shelf is an unread book - it's time to get it! If you prefer an active lifestyle - go for a walk or to the stadium! Physical exercises have a beneficial effect on the entire body. The main thing is not to torture yourself with thoughts about what makes you cry. Tell yourself: the situation is such and I have to put up with it. Do not blame yourself for anything. Screaming at work - it does not mean that you are to blame for something, maybe the boss just has a bad mood! A husband came angry, because he was cut by some kind of road boor.

Now you know how not to cry, if you want. Be strong!

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