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5 reasons why a modern woman needs Ayurveda


In a furious rhythm of life, women manage everything andNothing: household chores and work are done, the children are fed, the dinner is ready, but there is no time left for itself. The result is fatigue and migraine, withering skin, diseases, emotional overload. Katie Silcox, author of "Healthy, Happy, Sexy", gives Ayurvedic advice for preserving beauty and health.

Ayurveda is a very ancient teaching, but its essence is,That it suits the inhabitants of modern megacities and noisy cities. She teaches to lead a healthy, balanced life, not to shy away from sensual pleasures - food, sleep and love, - to be calmer and, most importantly, happier. Harmony can be found by every woman, no matter in what century she was born. The advantage of Ayurveda is that it contains hundreds of practical recommendations, not blurry formulations that advise it is unclear what. These are clear and clear instructions for the fair sex.
  1. Ayurveda for good digestion

    Today we constantly hear that food shouldBe not only delicious, but also useful. This truth is as old as the world. Millennia ago, Ayurveda proclaimed food as one of the pillars of health. This is one of the three pillars on which there is a full, healthy life. To feel good, not to suffer from digestive disorders and gastrointestinal problems, you just need to choose the right foods for your body, eat more seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs and do not get involved in fast food. We always snack on the run, in the car, at the computer. Where there's a healthy stomach!
    Tip: In ayurveda there are three types of people, and for eachThere are recommendations for nutrition. For example, if by nature you are hot, that is, never freeze, you should avoid hot and spicy food. If you constantly eat wrong foods (not suitable for us under the constitution or the season), the balance is broken and we get sick.
  2. Ayurveda for beauty and charm

    When a woman is healthy, is in harmony withBy itself, it glows from within. The surrounding people literally feel the radiance. This is the natural beauty that every woman has. You just need to awaken her. Ayurveda gives this feeling of inner radiance and vitality (and the belief that we are beautiful) and teaches that it all depends directly on our relationship with our own body. A large role is given to the skin, because it reflects the internal state and health (or disease). If you look after it properly, you can keep youth and beauty for many years to come.
    Tip: Take care of your skin, go for a massage,Use cosmetics with natural extracts and natural products. In the Jurvedic there are several types of constitution, for each of which it is recommended to rest. The golden rule: do not apply to the skin what can not be eaten, cleanse the skin and rub with oils.
  3. Ayurveda for a sound sleep

    It seems that we have become a generation of walking zombies,Who do not always get enough sleep. For a woman, this is a disaster. Chronic fatigue and weakness, emotional exhaustion, an earthy complexion and bruises under the eyes - not the entire list of the delights of lack of sleep. According to scientists, lack of sleep increases the risk of chronic diseases: hypertension, diabetes, depression, obesity. People who sleep badly are also more likely to develop cancer, they have a lower quality of life and work capacity. Not to mention the fact that many modern ladies do not have time for their favorite pursuits, friends and, in the end, to take care of themselves.
    But sleep is very important! During sleep, the body fights toxins, restores the tissues of the physical body. And most importantly, he recycles the emotions of the passing day: that's why we go to bed with a bad mood, and get up-already with a good mood. All negative experiences at night turn into memories that do not carry a negative charge.
    Tip: sleep as much as your body requires. You can arrange a "sleepy week": postpone all the cases and meetings that can be postponed, and a whole week go to bed at 20-21 o'clock. Especially it is convenient to do in the autumn and winter, when it's getting dark early. Believe me, the body and soul will only thank you.
  4. Ayurveda for the awakening of sensuality

    Practitioners in Ayurveda believe in managementsexual energy. The principle, called brahmacharya - the rational use of sexual energy, is put in the forefront. With the right approach to it, we have more freshness, vigor and enthusiasm for engaging in creative projects, whether it's their own business, creative self-expression or the upbringing of a child. Women's health is repeatedly improved, because sexual energy is the same as life energy, or rather, its purest form. And the more a woman has this energy, the better she feels and the better her relationship with a partner. But brahmacharya teaches and intelligently uses sexual energy, at times to refrain from carnal pleasures. The main thing is to act reasonably.
    Tip: Do not neglect sensual pleasures, but alsodo not waste this energy in vain. Nature has so ordered that many pleasant things are useful for female physiology and emotions at the same time. Scientists have proved that touching (whether beloved, or masseur) stimulates the production of hormones that support immunity. But problems begin when these pleasures become too much. The key to all is mindfulness and moderation.
  5. Ayurveda for peace and emotional well-being

    In ayurveda, great importance is given to meditation. Modern science has proved: meditation is a magic pill against all diseases. According to the research, meditative practices are successfully used in the treatment of hypertension, migraines and cardiovascular diseases, anxiety, depression and the syndrome of obsessive thoughts, increased aggression and irritability. Meditation helps with chronic pain, PMS and painful critical days. Conversely, meditation clears the mind, improves memory and attention, relaxes and lifts the mood, brings with it emotional well-being.
    Tip: start meditation for 30-40 minutesa week or choose one technique that you like best, and practice it for 40 days. So you can feel the results, feel the harmony, peace and strength of positive changes in life.
Using Ayurveda for health improvement and beauty maintenance, practicing the appropriate way of life, any woman will make her life healthy, happy, sexually full and harmonious.
Based on the book "Healthy, Happy, Sexy"
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