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Drinking or not drinking: debunking the myths of instant coffee

His popularity is growing every year, likeNumber of myths about its harm. His fans are sure that there is no better than him an invigorating drink, but the opponents cringe only at one of his references. It's a question, as you already guessed, about instant coffee - one of the most controversial and ambiguous achievements of the food industry. Disseminate the deeply rooted in the minds of most myths about the harm of instant coffee we will try in our today's article. And Melitta, the world's largest producer of coffee and related products, will help us in this.

Myth # 1. Instant coffee - non-natural drink

The most common misconception is thatSoluble coffee is an artificial product consisting exclusively of flavorings and dyes. In fact, this myth follows from the elementary ignorance of the stages of making a soluble drink. But the raw materials for it are ordinary coffee beans, which are fried and ground into powder. Then the concentrate is cooked from the powder, which, depending on the technology, is either dried or frozen. As a result, the liquid turns into solid granules - the basis of instant coffee. Of course, many unscrupulous manufacturers can use illiquid grains and add caffeine and flavors to hide the low quality of the product. But to protect yourself from this kind of surprises quite easily, buying branded products of famous brands. For example, a soft taste and natural flavor is the Melitta Original instant coffee, made exclusively from high quality coffee beans.

Myth # 2. Granulated coffee is bad for health

This misconception follows from the previous myth. But as we have already established, there are no chemical additives in their granulated product added to the granulated product, which means that it is not harmful to ordinary grain coffee. As for his more pronounced invigorating effect, which is associated with an increased caffeine content, then with moderate consumption (2-3 cups a day) for a healthy person, he poses no danger. Conversely, instant coffee has a positive effect, given that it lacks many harmful components that are filtered out during the manufacturing process. Yes, and it provides an invigorating effect faster, toning and activating the body after a few sips.

Myth # 3. Soluble coffee leads to dehydration and leaching of calcium from the body

Disputes about the fact that the freeze-dried drink washes awayUseful substances, in particular calcium, from the body and have a negative impact on the water-salt balance have been going on for many years. But none of the many studies have confirmed the fact that a granular drink is more harmful in this respect than ground coffee. Therefore, with regard to the washing out of calcium, 2-3 cups of any coffee a day can not wash it out of the bones, provided that a sufficient amount of products containing Ca is consumed. Although with a deficiency of calcium in the body, coffee can further reduce its level. But to solve this problem is quite easy, adding to your favorite drink the usual milk. By the way, milk and cream are perfectly combined with sublimated Melitta Gold coffee, made from arabica grains.

In occasion of dehydrating effect, atModerate consumption of instant coffee can provide up to 40% of the daily fluid in the body, which is a fairly high rate. The main thing is to know the measure and not to drink more than 5 cups of this fragrant drink per day, giving preference to quality brands, such as Melitta.

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