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Red spots on the legs: causes and photos. What could it be?

Periodically, each of usIncomprehensible red spots on the body. On the one hand, it causes fear (and suddenly it's something serious), on the other, you do not want to throw all the cases and rush to the doctor because of a small cosmetic defect, which does not cause any discomfort. It should be borne in mind that the causes of the appearance of unpleasant rashes on the skin are many, most importantly, in time to understand what we are dealing with. That is why, today we will talk about red spots on our legs: why they arise, what it costs to be treated, and when a good medical specialist can not do without.

On the feet there were red spots: what is it? Causes

Let's first define the concepts: Physicians call spots the change in skin color on a small part of the body. They can protrude above the surface or be completely flat, the color varies from pale pink to intense wine-red. Some spots may cause itching or flaking. As a rule, any violation of skin pigmentation is the result of an imbalance or even a disease of the body, such as allergies, imbalance in the diet, stress, as well as vascular changes, skin lesions by the fungus, etc. Let us dwell on each case in more detail.

Red spots on the legs: Allergies

So, if the legs suddenly appeared brightRed spots, which are strongly itchy, and eventually begin to peel off, small bubbles appear, filled with an unclear liquid, then, most likely, you are allergic. It can be caused by contact with household chemicals, using cosmetics or soap. Often the reaction of the body provokes poor-quality dyes for tissues, for example, tights, losin, trousers. The most important treatment is to get rid of the allergen as soon as possible. If the itching prevents living, then lubricate your feet with a cooling and anesthetic gel or ointment. You can take an antihistamine. Restore the skin will help fatty creams with vitamins.

Red spots on the legs: Stress and eating disorders

Some types of spots are called hemorrhagic,They are caused by pinpoint hemorrhages in the upper layers of the skin. Most often this is due to a lack of vitamins in the body. So, when there are deficiencies of PP, C or A vitamins, dark, almost brown spots appear on the legs, but an insufficient amount of vitamin B is expressed in the appearance of lighter parts of the skin. To treatment of vitamin deficiency should be approached in a complex way. The doctor will write out the necessary preparations for you, but it is also important to enrich the diet with fruits and vegetables, try to give up harmful habits, normalize the regime of the day and fully rest.

Red spots on the legs: Mycosis

Often red spots are provokedMycosis or fungal skin lesions. It is easy to get by visiting public baths, fitness clubs, swimming pools, and simply putting on other people's shoes. If you suspect a fungus, it's best not to delay contacting a dermatologist, he will prescribe the necessary tests, and then antifungal agents. What symptoms should alert you:

  • Red spots most often appear on the soles of the feet and between the fingers;
  • Redness constantly itch and flake;
  • With time, wet bubbles appear on the skin;
  • The disease affects the nail plates.

Red spots on the legs: Varicose veins

Varicose veins are a terrible curse of a modern woman. Incorrect nutrition, excess weight, uncomfortable shoes and tight clothes lead to a violation of blood circulation in the lower limbs. One of the alarming symptoms of the onset of varicose veins may be spots on the legs.

The walls of the vessels and capillaries become thinner, and withThe minimal load burst, causing hemorrhage. As a rule, varicose stains can be of dark wine color, they can merge. If you do not go to the phlebologist in time, then there is a risk of developing subcutaneous hematomas, which are only removed promptly.

The doctor will be able to choose a set of measures for the treatment and prevention of varicose veins, such as:

  • Drugs that strengthen the walls of blood vessels;
  • Mineral-vitamin complexes;
  • A balanced diet (especially if you are overweight);
  • Compression clothes (if necessary);
  • A complex of physical exercises and procedures.

Red spots in the groin: photos and causes

The appearance of a rash between the legs most often happens in men, but they hesitate to address their problem to the doctor.

If specks in the area of ​​the external genitaliaSmall and very itchy, then most likely it's an allergy to underwear or soap (shower gel, etc.). The main treatment is to stop using unsuccessful cosmetics and buy new panties. Better if they are not too tight, made of natural materials, without the use of chemical dyes.

Inguinal epidermophytosis

Inguinal epidermophytia is a fungal diseaseSkin. It occurs when the rules of personal hygiene are not respected, and is also transmitted sexually. The epidermophyte is easy to recognize by the pink spots of the correct oval shape, which eventually turn into small bubbles. (8) When the latter burst, small ulcers are formed. In addition to antifungal therapy, pay attention to hygiene:

  • Panties should not be too tight and made of synthetic fabrics;
  • Linen should be changed as often as possible, especially if you live in a country with a humid and warm climate;
  • Try to solve the problem of excessive sweating;
  • Reduce the intake of carbohydrates.

Red spots on the legs: Venereal diseases

The most terrible reasons for the appearance of red spots inGroin - venereal ailments, such as syphilis. Rash in the form of small specks occurs in the second stage of the disease, but after a couple of weeks disappears. This does not mean that you have recovered, just a disease has become latent, it is already very difficult to get rid of it. Noticing the "necklace of Venus" in the groin, immediately contact the venereologist, at this stage syphilis is quickly and effectively treated.

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