/ How music affects a person. The influence of music on the health and mental state of a person

How music affects a person. The influence of music on the health and mental state of a person

How does music affect performance?

Music helps tune in to work. Have you noticed a similar thing: the morning, ahead of an important day, on the way to work you hear a clockwork song - and somehow the mood of itself rises? Surely, this was very much for many. Start your day with music: listen to a few cheerful perky tunes while going to work or take the player with you on the road!

Scientists do not advise listening in your workplaceThe most favorite songs, the texts of which you know by heart. Otherwise, you will be distracted, listen to the text and sing along. Give preference to music without words, with the optimal rhythm for you.

What kind of music to listen to while playing sports?

Almost all athletes preferEngage in music, regardless of the sport. Well, still: listening to a pleasant melody at a fast pace helps to increase the athlete's performance by 20%! It turns out that music is a non-forbidden dope that allows you to train longer and more effectively. Even if you are not an athlete and do not set high goals - listen to your favorite songs on the treadmill or in the gym, and you will notice how involuntarily speeded up the run or increased the number of approaches to the simulator by adjusting to a fast pace in the headphones! Psychologists advise people involved in sports to alternate slow and fast music; Rhythmic melodies for exercises, slow - during rest.

How music affects the psychological state

Melodies are able to create the necessary atmosphere andTo improve the mood. Slow songs help to relax and bring your emotional state back to normal, rhythmic songs - energize for the whole day! Put on your alarm clock instead of banal bells or singing birds one of your favorite songs. And in the evening, coming from work, turn on a relaxing slow melody for background listening. Create morning and evening playlists, constantly edit them, adding new compositions and removing the boring ones. You can create yourself and other collections, for example, for motivation, recreation, or to tune in to a romantic mood!

The influence of music on human health

Music synchronizes the work of internal organs,This was known in ancient Greece. Pythagoras used melodies to treat a variety of psychological and physical diseases, and he began every morning with singing. Nowadays psychologists and physiologists have proved that during listening to our musical compositions, pleasant to our ear, we get a kind of cellular massage - every small structural unit gets pleasure in our body. It sounds strange, but it's true. Music has a beneficial effect on the entire human body and no side effects.

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