/ / Red spots on the body: photo, causes of appearance and treatment. Why there are red spots on the body

Red spots on the body: photo, the causes of appearance and treatment. Why there are red spots on the body

In the transition period between autumn and winterThere is a traditional exacerbation of skin diseases. On the body appear red spots of various shapes, which become not only a cosmetic defect, but can cause severe discomfort to the owner: itch, hurt, flake or, on the contrary, get wet. The causes of the onset of the disease are many, ranging from allergies, ending with various problems of internal organs, in particular the stomach and intestines. Do not panic, today we will try to figure out why there are red spots on the body and whether it is possible to get rid of them without going to the doctor.

Red spots on the body: Blame all stress

The most common cause of problems withThe skin becomes stress or a nervous system disorder. Add to this the seasonal decrease in immunity, insufficient amount of sleep and time spent in the fresh air.

As a rule, red spots on the skin caused by thisCause, strongly itching to deliver additional discomfort to the owner. You can try to solve the problem yourself. To help you will come soothing tinctures of motherwort or valerian, as well as natural preparations, for example, Glycine and Novo-Passit. It is also worth paying attention to your rhythm of life, try to fully rest at least 8 hours, reduce the time of watching TV, and spend the weekend is not in the shopping center, but in the park. If these recommendations did not help, then the neurologist's consultation will not hurt.

Allergic reactions

Allergy also often provokes the appearance ofRed spots on the skin, most often they appear on the neck, chest and hands. The main treatment is to eliminate the factor causing a negative response of the body. Most often these are products: citrus fruits, eggs, chocolate, etc., as well as waste and decorative cosmetics, household chemicals. When choosing these funds for yourself, pay attention to their composition, whether they are capable of provoking an allergy.

If the spots strongly itch, then you can take an antihistamine drug: Suprastin, Claritin, Radevit, but it is better not to do this without consulting a doctor.

  • Eczema is a special kind of allergicReaction. Red spots on the palms and armpits occur not only as a result of the body's reaction to the allergen, but also as a response to stress, to various disorders of the gastrointestinal tract or central nervous system. Do not try to treat eczema yourself: special corticosteroid ointments, as well as antihistamines and sedatives are prescribed exclusively by a dermatologist. Traditional medicine advises to prepare a chamomile broth, add a little honey and take it 3 times a day - an excellent and safe soothing.

  • Urticaria - small red spots, reminiscent of a burn from the leaves of the nettle. As a rule, it is enough to eliminate the cause of the allergy for treatment.

Skin diseases

The reason for the appearance of red spots, as in the photo, may be in skin disease. Here are the most common:

  • Lishay refers to fungal diseases,You can get infected from a sick person or animal. In the initial stage, a red spot forms on the patient's body (most often on the legs or abdomen), it gradually grows, swells, itches, and at later stages it flakes.

    To treat deprivation it is better to entrust to the dermatologist, heWill write you special antifungal ointments or solutions, as well as restorative medications. Do not forget that a sick person is deprived of a danger to others: a fungal infection is easily transmitted from person to person.
  • Psoriasis is one of the most commonAutoimmune skin diseases, unfortunately, incurable. On the body, red spots gradually appear, which not only increase in size, but can also merge. In addition, the spots of psoriasis cause itching, peeling, may become wet, which causes additional discomfort to the patient. (5) To stop the course of the disease, UHF is often prescribed, special ointments are prescribed, in extreme cases chemotherapy is required. Traditional medicine advises to prepare infusion of St. John's wort, celandine, succession, black elderberry, root of ayr (all for 15 grams), as well as stems of corn, cranberry leaves and horsetail (all for 10 grams) and take 3 times a day for a glass .
  • Streptodermia is a disease that provokesGetting into the skin of streptococcal and staphylococcal bacteria. As a result, large red spots filled with liquid appear on the extremities and back. The main treatment is local disinfectant and anti-allergic drugs.

Infectious diseases of the body

Human skin is an indicator of processes,Occurring in the body, so red spots refer to the symptoms of some common infectious diseases, such as chicken pox, rubella, measles, scarlet fever. The first thing that should be paid attention to correctly diagnose an ailment is the general state of the body: whether the temperature has increased, whether there is a general deterioration in the condition (headache, chills), whether lymph nodes are enlarged. Remember that these "childhood" illnesses can be very difficult for adults to cause serious disturbances in the body, so be sure to consult a doctor.

  • Rubella is an infectious disease that is transmitted by airborne droplets. Symptoms of the disease include:
    • Small red spots on the skin;
    • high body temperature;
    • Increased lymph nodes;
    • General deterioration of the body.
  • Chickenpox most often affects the skin, on itThere are red spots that are very itchy and itchy. After a while they fill with a light slightly turbid liquid. In addition, the patient has fever, weakness, headache.

    For the treatment of chickenpox, local use of brilliant green, antiseptics and antipyretics is prescribed.
  • Measles is manifested by the appearance of small specksOn the body and inflammation of the mucous membranes. The rash gradually descends to the lower extremities, part of the spots is filled with fluid. Sometimes measles can mingle with rubella and scarlet fever.

Other diseases

If the body has red spots, then thisCan signal the occurrence of serious disorders in the body. Acute hepatitis and pancreatitis is manifested in the form of an abundance of small red spots resembling moles.

Syphilis and immunodeficiency diseases are also accompanied by the appearance of rashes on the skin.

Bright red vascular spots (see photo) - hemangiomas - benign tumors. They are practically harmless, but they spoil the appearance.

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