/ How to find a destination?

How to find a destination?

Exercise: The hidden corners of the brain

There is the most important key when looking for a destination. The key is that satisfaction can bring you only a favorite thing. Destination always lies within what you love to do. In addition, if you suddenly decided to become a millionaire, then we can please you: doing your truly favorite business is the chance to become a millionaire for five years 50%. While doing an unloved business, your chance to become a millionaire is only 2%.

All the destination gurus converge in one: Only favorite classes should be the basis of our work. In order to determine the cause of life, you can not restrain yourself. The right decisions are those that come from the heart. If the heart asks for dance and glory, you can not deny it.

So, let's just fantasize. Now give yourself free rein to create the most amazing work in the world. Do not limit yourself to anything. Do you want to turn penguins in the South Pole? You are welcome! Do you want to be a rock star? No problems! Do you want to sit in your office, drink tea and tell everyone what to do? Forward!

Or you can be on weekdays "pioneer" penguins, and at the weekend you get a helicopter and you fly to Hollywood to shoot a documentary about street art with the artist Banksy.

Describe where, how, when, with whom you will beEngage in this work. It will be a cozy cottage in Austria, a huge farm in Kentucky or in the high towers of Shanghai? Do not be afraid that everything will look too "sweet".

The purpose of this exercise is to look into the most hidden corners of your brain, where both mom and dad are both a superhero that saves the world and a professional in neurobiology and a rescuer of the tropical forests.

Who are your colleagues in this case? A bunch of people with IQ above 170, or a group of postmen, or strange creative personalities? Do not think what is right and what is not. If you have problems with this exercise, and you can not afford to choose the most crazy-beautiful life you want, then proceed to the next exercise.

Exercise: Infernal work

Part 1.

Some people are so "zashoreny" in theirIdeas that you have to be very modest, that you absolutely can not perform the first exercise. Then you can do the opposite. Let's imagine the negative option.

So what is your hellish work? What would you do for a nightmare? Most likely, this exercise you perform on "excellent". Probably, your hellish work may look like this: "I sit all day in a stuffy office from 9 to 6. We are often detained without warning. My boss is the director's son, a faint-hearted, unprofessional, capricious guy who considers himself smarter than everyone else. I spend days making stupid investment reports, which do not mean anything and which nobody needs. "

Or your hellish job might look like this: "I work in an office in the city center. Every day my journey to and from work takes four hours. I'm terribly tired and exhausted. Money is enough only to pay for a rented apartment. My task in the office is to organize its work. But there is always such chaos in it and there is absolutely no creativity. I literally choke on the number of boring tasks. "

Part 2.

Now that Part 1 is done, you need to dofollowing. Take all the minuses and change them to the pros. For example, you wrote "there is no creativity in my hellish work". So, in your paradise work creativity should be. Then in hellish work you have a non-professional boss. So, in paradise work, either you yourself should be your boss, or you should have a boss whom you can admire.

Rewrite all the minuses to the pros. Now you should have a picture of how your ideal work can look like.

Great, it's only left to find!

On how to do this, read in the book "What to dream about"

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