/ / Contraceptive: how to choose oral contraceptives. Contraceptive - how to choose yourself.

Contraceptive: how to choose oral contraceptives. Contraceptive - how to choose yourself.

The best option is consultationA gynecologist who, on the basis of tests and visual examination, will prescribe an oral contraceptive. If for any reason it is not possible to contact a specialist for the selection of hormonal contraceptives, you can do it yourself. The main rule of choice: the quality of menstruation, reflecting the hormonal background. Abundant and prolonged menstrual bleeding indicates a pronounced activity of estrogens, scant and short - on the activity of gestagens. Criteria for an adequate choice of oral contraceptive: good health, no intermenstrual bleeding, disappearance of PMS.

Contraceptive for smokers

Estrogen-containing contraceptive and smoking -Concepts are incompatible. Chronic nicotine intoxication in itself harms the body of a woman, and in combination with the use of combined (progestin + estrogen) contraceptives, the negative effect of nicotine rises several times.

Risks and consequences:

  • Blood coagulability increases;
  • There is a short-term vasospasm;
  • Movement of blood through veins and blood vessels is difficult;
  • The risk of blood clots increases, which leads to myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis, stroke.

Contraceptive pills for smokers are notShould contain estradiol valerate, ethinyl estradiol, estradiol hemihydrate. They can take oral contraceptives without estrogen ("mini-drank"): Charozetta, Microlut, Laktineth, Eksluton. The index of Pearl "mini-saws" is 0.5-4. These drugs reliably protect against unplanned pregnancy and have a sparing effect on the body, but worse control the cycle, which leads to permanent intermenstrual bleeding. "Mini-pili" is recommended to be taken continuously in a pill a day from the first day of menstrual bleeding. Alternative methods of protection: hormonal spiral, hormonal implant, non-hormonal drug Benatex.

Contraceptive for nulliparous

For nulliparous girls and sexually activeTeenagers are ideal for modern combined oral contraceptives. They include progestagen and ethinyl estradiol, they are highly effective in preventing pregnancy and a variety of therapeutic effects - soften the symptoms of PMS, stop pain, control the menstrual cycle. In adolescents who regularly take combined contraceptives, the manifestations of dysmenorrhoea disappear, the volume of blood loss during menstruation diminishes, and the hormonal balance is restored.

Contraceptives for girls:

  • Low-dose COCs: Lindineth-30, Regulon, Belara, Janine;
  • Microdosed COC: Lindineth-20, Clayra, Jess.

To place ineffective women intrauterineSpiral gynecologists do not recommend because of the high risk of complications: inflammation (uterus, cervix, appendages), damage to the cervix, excessive uterine bleeding, thinning of the endometrium, which is fraught with miscarriages at various stages of pregnancy, infertility. To nulliparous girls and teenagers it is more expedient to use safer methods of protection: non-hormonal suppositories of Benatex, condoms, hormonal contraceptive pills.

Contraceptive after abortion and miscarriage

Adequately selected contraception after abortionOr miscarriage plays an important role - it helps normalize the hormonal background, prevents the onset of inflammatory processes in the genitals, prevents erosion of the cervix, protects against endometriosis, reduces the severity of bleeding. After medical abortion, the uterine cavity of the uterus is injured, repeated pregnancy is strictly contraindicated, but the ability to conceive is restored already on the 8-12 day, therefore, the choice of oral contraceptive tablets should be approached responsibly.

Contraception after abortion and miscarriage

Combined contraceptives. They include low dosages of estrogens and modern progestogens. Are indicated for admission on the 1-2 day after the abortion. Reduce the duration of bloody discharge, reduce the intensity of uterine contractions, control body temperature, prevent inflammation of the pelvic organs, reduce the number of early complications:

  • Monophasic (Regulon, Yarina, Lindineth-30, Belara);
  • Three-phase (Triziston, Trinovium, Trikvilar).

Gestagennye contraceptives ("mini-drank"): Charozetta, Microlut, Lactitet, Eksluton. They differ in good contraceptive efficacy, do not increase blood pressure, do not increase the risk of thrombosis, do not change the functional parameters of the liver.

Contraceptive after pregnancy and caesarean section

Hormonal contraceptives of the latest generationGuarantee 99% protection against unwanted pregnancy, but 1% remains when the drug is conceived when taking the drug. Contraceptive during pregnancy, the fetus is not harmed, physicians do not have reliable information about the existing relationship between taking contraceptives and malformations in an infant if a woman takes the pill for not more than 1 month of pregnancy. Starting from the 6th week, the fetus begins to develop a sexual system that is sensitive to the action of hormones, so taking pregnant medications of this group can provoke functional disorders in the child. After learning about a woman's pregnancy, you need to contact a gynecologist who will suggest the best option for solving the problem.

Methods of contraception after childbirth and cesarean:

Spermicides (Benatex, Pharmatex, Contraceptin). Used when resuming sexual relations in the presence of lactation or in combination with other methods of protection. The reliability of the method is 90-92%, the contraceptive effect occurs 5-15 minutes after administration, lasts 2-6 hours.

Gestagenic Oral contraceptives (Charosette, Microlut,Laktionet, Eksluton). Preparations of this group begin to take 6-6.5 weeks after delivery. With regular and adequate use of mini-pills, their contraceptive efficacy reaches 97-98%.

Combined OK. Admission of gestagen estrogens is possible only withThe condition of termination of breastfeeding, since estrogen adversely affects the quality / quantity of breast milk, reduces the duration of lactation. Tablets should be taken on a specific schedule, without omissions. The contraceptive reliability of the COC is 99-100%.

Contraception after caesarean section is similar to protection after natural delivery, the difference is one - the pill should be started taking 8-9 weeks after birth.

Contraceptive for varicose and ovarian cyst

Varicose disease does not apply to absoluteContraindications to the use of hormonal contraception, but included in the preparations gestagens and estrogens may worsen the state of blood clotting and venous vessels. To eliminate the risk of serious disease - deep vein thrombosis, is recommended for prolonged use of oral contraceptives occur in-phlebologist doctor. The appearance of edema of the lower extremities, pain, discomfort, heaviness in patients receiving hormonal tablets - a reason for immediate referral to a specialist.

Hormonal contraceptives for ovarian cystsFunctional genesis are used as a priority treatment method. Temporary cysts (functional) occur in women of reproductive age, with properly selected conservative therapy, go through 2-3 months. With uncombined cysts, two-phase and monophasic oral contraceptives are shown in conjunction with acupuncture and vitamin therapy.

Contraceptive when breastfeeding

During lactation, a woman needs a safe,Reliable and effective contraception. The method of protection depends on the time passed after labor and the baby's feeding regimen. The contraceptive should not negatively affect the secretion of milk and the health of the baby. Combined OK, containing estrogens and progestogen, can be taken only after cessation of lactation. Tablets "mini-drank" with progestins for lactating women can be started taking 5-6.5 weeks after delivery. Their effectiveness with regular and adequate admission in combination with breastfeeding is 97-98%.

Contraceptive for mastopathy and uterine myoma

Combined oral contraceptive methodsMastopathy is the preferred method of contraception. In women who take COC for a long time, the condition improves significantly, the menstrual cycle stabilizes, the soreness of the mammary glands disappears, and a progressive decrease in the frequency of mastopathy occurs. Drugs of choice: monophasic COC (Lindineth-20, Yarina, Janine, Regulon), COC with low androgenic activity (Jeanine, Jess).

COC with uterine myoma - a benign tumorMyometrium, correct the hormonal background, which contributes to the slowing down of the growth / recessive process of fibroids. Drugs of choice: Jeanine, Regulon, Lindineth-20/30.

Contraceptive in endometriosis

Monophasic combined contraceptive methodsEndometriosis have a therapeutic effect on the myometrium and endometrium, the effectiveness of treatment of the disease with drugs of this group is 57-59%. Drugs of choice: Jeanine, Regulon, Yarina.

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