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How to make the monthly fast run out at home? A few tips and warnings.

How in the home to make the monthly fast run out?

Try to drink more during menstruationOrdinary water without gas. Note that coffee and tea, due to the content of vasodilator and stimulant substances, are able to strengthen and prolong bleeding.

To reduce pain, copiousness and periodMonthly it is useful on an empty stomach to drink diluted lemon juice (literally 2-3 tsp juice to one glass of water). Very useful and effective broths of herbs: nettle, shepherd's bag or a bug. How to prepare them is always written on the package. To achieve the desired effect, it is enough to drink one glass of broth in the morning during breakfast.

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Try to eat more freshVegetables and fruits. Include in the diet cereals, nuts, dairy products. Eat more protein, as it promotes the speedy recovery of the female reproductive system during menstruation.

To make the months quicker end up try to sleep for at least 8 hours. Shower intake should bring comfort (water temperature 38-40 degrees) and relief.

What is recommended to exclude, so that the monthly ones finish quickly?

Above we have given you an example of simple advice,Which will help you reduce the duration of these "days". But all of them will not lead to the desired result, if you do not follow the precautionary measures and exclude from your diet some products provoking more severe blood loss.

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So, in the period of menstruation is strictly prohibitedTo eat spicy food. Acute spices are the strongest irritant and cause vasodilation, which in turn, contributes to greater blood loss. It is not recommended to load the body with heavy, fatty or fried foods, as there may be rapid fatigue, weakness and discomfort in the abdomen.

To make the monthly fast run out at homeConditions, take care that during this time you can relax as much as possible. If possible, arrange a day off and stay in a quiet home environment. Limit yourself from physical stress, stress and other strong experiences, so as not to increase the abundance and duration of menstruation.

Even if you visit the gym andTry not to miss a single lesson, this period is taboo. By neglecting caution, you not only increase and prolong your suffering, but also risk earning endometriosis.

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In fact, there is nothing difficult inThe monthly ones ended quickly. Agree, our recommendations to observe easily and pleasantly, because they do not bring any pain and discomfort, on the contrary, they are aimed at creating ideal conditions for your well-being.

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