/ Why the ribs stick out: causes, elimination. Why bulge left or right rib?

Why bulge ribs: causes, elimination. Why bulge left or right rib?


Why bulge edges: the reasons
Why do the ribs stick out on the left side?
Can this be fixed?

Why bulge edges: the reasons

In fact, this problem does not deliver anyDiscomfort, except for emotional experiences. After all, from the point of view of aesthetics, the thorax should not be too obvious even if the person is slightly thin.

The most common reason for this externalDefect - deformation of the chest in childhood. During this period, the bone tissue of the child is not yet fully formed, because if a certain area of ​​the bone is constantly subjected to stress, the wrong shape can migrate to adulthood.

Most often, in childhood, deformingFactors are excessive physical activity, overeating, and, most importantly, curvature of the spine (try sitting on a chair, first bend the back with a wheel, and then straighten up straightaway - then you will feel what's wrong).

The second factor that can cause this problem in a woman in adulthood is pregnancy. Under pressure of the fetus and amniotic fluid, the bones begin to move gradually forward.

Edge of ribs: what to do

Why do the ribs stick out on the left side?

There are two reasons. Less common - bone-cartilaginous exostosis (a harmless build-up on the bone). It develops painlessly and does not affect the work of internal organs. Most often, this phenomenon is promoted by trauma, transmitted infections and endocrine disruption. But a more frequent cause is scoliosis.

Incorrect position at the table, permanentBearing weight on one shoulder, etc. All this leads to scoliosis, which in turn affects not only the position of the rib, but also many internal organs, thereby violating their normal functioning.

Can this be fixed?

Despite the fact that the formation of bones finally ends in 25 years, there are several tips that will help fix the bone in a more mature age.

  • Watch your posture. To restore the spine will have to undergo a therapeutic complex, which consists of exercise therapy, massage and wearing a corrective corset.
  • Well eliminates irregularities in the skeleton regular swimming and fitness (note not enhanced training with a heavy barbell, and fitness).
  • During the recovery period and even after it,Take care that in your diet included products containing calcium. Plus short sunbaths, enhancing the production of vitamin D, without which it is impossible to normal absorption of calcium.

And in general, if the health is ok, notIt is worth complicating your life by following fashion trends. Watch for well-being, go in for sports, develop morally and spiritually - that's what will always be in price, because today the ribs stick out - this is not aesthetically pleasing, and tomorrow - the latest squeak of fashion.

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