/ / Laser abdominal liposuction, abdominoplasty of the abdomen, as is done, before and after photos

Laser abdominal liposuction, abdominoplasty of the abdomen, as is done, before and after photos

"Dyinka" under the "roller"

- Alexander Pavlovich, relying on yourPractical experience of a plastic surgeon, can you confirm the existing opinion that "women's stomach problems" mostly begin to feel closer to the climacteric period?

- Not always. In women of childbearing age, 20-30% fat relative to the total body weight is considered normal. But we have repeatedly met patients with fat reserves twice as small, but the stomach has already acquired a non-aesthetic "roller" from fat deposits. If the Custodian forms of the pompous ladies allow excess fat to be distributed more or less evenly over the wide hips and abdomen, sometimes you can cry even if you're crying: as a reed, legs still attract men's looks, and a treacherous "melon" sticks out in front of them impudently. It's a shame ...

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Down with "melon culture"!

In the clinics of plastic surgery get rid ofExcess fat in the abdomen with abdominoplasty and liposuction. The choice of the kind of operation always remains with the doctor: he, as they say, is better known for the upcoming "battlefield" for beauty - the condition and individual characteristics of the patient's organism are taken into account.

At the first variant the doctor should relieve you of a tubercle in the bottom of a stomach or belly by a method of excising: the large quantity of an adipose tissue, and together with her and superfluous skin is removed. Plus, the navel is re-formed.

- But it should be borne in mind, - says AlexanderDudnik, - that after such operation there is a scar. In our clinic "Beauty Doctor" the microsurgical suture is superimposed using special optics, the scar is neat, small in size, but still it can not do without it.

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- And after liposuction?

- In this case we make only two punctures onStomach, in fact, do not leave a trace after themselves. We introduce a special solution into the tissue by means of which the fatty layer is diluted, then the evolved substance is pumped out with a vacuum pump. Only it should be borne in mind that for one such operation you can remove no more than three or four liters of excess fat.

- So, nevertheless, in some cases, abdominoplasty is preferable?

- It is in some, quite certain - when fat is a lot. But do not forget that the same liposuction can be a little later and repeat.

Laser station wagon

- It turns out that both the first and the second method haveTheir own, albeit small, but flawed. And is there any universal way to get rid of fat "excesses", where only the advantages of both methods would be used?

"The results, which are satisfied with us and patients, allow our specialists to achieve the use of laser liposuction," continues Alexander Dudnik.

- When carrying out such an operation, small punctures are made in the abdomen, through them we introduce laser fiber and dilute fat with laser radiation. Then it is removed through the cannulas inserted into these canals.

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- Just like in the old cartoon about the hippo, who was afraid of vaccinations: "Once - and all!"

"Well, let's say the operation is still responsible,Here, the experience of the surgeon, and modern equipment is also important. And then, that's just not all. Through the same, already made punctures (notice how much the method is sparing - no extra cut), the patient is again introduced laser electrodes, with which the inner surface of the abdomen is treated with simultaneous heating of the lower layers of the dermis.

- For what?

- First, in this way the surgeon removes moreSome amount of adipose tissue. Secondly, heating contributes to the appearance of collagen - a fibrillar protein, which forms the basis of the connective tissue of the body and ensures its strength and elasticity. Due to this, it is possible to form a skin-tight skeleton.

Welcome back to youth!

In principle, laser liposuction can be carried out andWith local anesthesia. But the specialists of the beauty clinic "Beauty Doctor" still recommend a "medical dream": the patient is asleep - the case is moving. Here the main thing is the experience and responsibility of the anesthetist-resuscitator. Alexander Dudnik emphasizes that it should be the regular doctor of your chosen clinic with great practical experience in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Plus the use of modern medicines and equipment.

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You can leave the clinic the day afterOperation, if the surgeon at the examination of the patient gives "good". And yet: for some time you will have to reproach compression underwear, but what does this mean a minor inconvenience compared to returning to youth!

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