/ Useful properties and application of the lofant.

Useful properties and application of the lofant.

Useful properties of the loser

The healing properties of this plant are veryVarious. Decoctions and potions prepared on the basis of the lofant are applicable for chronic gastritis, gastrointestinal disorders, cirrhosis, hepatitis and other liver diseases. The active components of this flower have a decreasing effect at high arterial pressure. In addition, the regular use of lofant has a beneficial effect on the vessels in people suffering from atherosclerosis.

Decoctions of flowers and leaves have a sedative effect, relieve nervous tension and excitability, improve the quality of sleep, relieve headaches.

In acute respiratory infections will be usefulInhalation, instillation of the nose and gargling with a decoction of this plant. To enhance immunity, it is recommended to drink warm tea based on lofant with the addition of propolis.

What is important, lofant is able to significantlyInhibit the aging process at the cellular level. Thanks to a whole complex of vitamins, microelements and other biologically active substances, medicines from this plant contribute to the removal of toxins and free radicals, which most often cause the oncological formations. Eating fresh leaves of the lophant restores the weakened immunity after diseases, and also increases efficiency.

It is noteworthy that this plant is practically notHas contraindications. The only thing that should be used carefully in people with low blood pressure and allergies to plant components.

The application of the Tibetan loser

In folk medicine, lofant is most applicable inForm of broth. To do this, you can use fresh or dried leaves, flowers, as well as the stem of the plant. The broth is prepared as follows: in a thermos we put 100 g of ground raw material and pour 2 liters of boiling water, after which the composition must be insisted for about 4 hours. With diseases of the stomach and liver take 100 ml of decoction before meals three times a day. For the normalization of blood pressure, one should consume the broth one glass a day on an empty stomach.

Concentrated decoction of the plant is actively applicableIn such cosmetic purposes as moisturizing, toning and skin regeneration. To do this, 50 g of dry raw material should be poured with one glass of water, then bring the mixture to a boil. Cooled concentrate should be filtered and cooled.

In addition, fresh plant leaves are very useful in tea or salad. If there is a blender, then you can easily make healthy cocktails made of fruits, lofant and honey.

Plant lofant - a natural analogue of manyExpensive pharmaceutical products. With the regular use of this healing broth, you will significantly improve your health, and also gain vitality and energy.

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