/ / What is lupus: treatment, symptoms, causes and photos of the disease

What is lupus: treatment, symptoms, causes and photos of the disease

During the disease, the skin cells, blood vessels,Joints, internal organs. This is due to an error in the human immune system, which takes its own cells for others and begins to actively fight them, producing special substances.

There are two forms of the disease: chronic and acute or systemic. The acute form of the disease is treated much heavier and can lead to serious consequences, up to a lethal outcome.

Causes of the disease

Alas, clearly answer the reasons for the occurrenceLupus modern medicine is not able. It is believed that the leading role in the appearance of the disease is played by genetics, that is, heredity. In addition, some scientists suggest that the cause of the disease can serve as viruses, ultraviolet and some types of medications. There is even the concept of "medicinal" lupus, which is extremely rare and after the end of taking the pills passing by itself.

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Symptoms of the disease

There are several main symptoms that diagnose the disease:

  • General body fatigue;
  • Joint pain;
  • Heat;
  • Skin rash on the face in the form of a "butterfly";
  • Rashes on other parts of the body;
  • Psychosis.

You should know that this disease has periods of exacerbation and remission. Symptoms may appear and disappear. In a large number of cases, the rash was manifested after exposure to ultraviolet light on the skin.

In addition to the above symptoms, it is worthwhileAttention to the work of internal organs. With prolonged refusal of treatment or incorrect diagnosis, hair loss will begin, ulcers in the oral cavity may occur, cardiac dysfunction, as well as diseases of the kidneys and lungs.

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Doctors do not always immediately diagnoseDisease due to its similarity with some other diseases that have a common symptomatology. For example, chronic lupus is very similar to flat red lichen and tuberculous lupus.

Assign a number of tests: a general blood test, the level of antinuclear antibodies, the presence of LE cells.

When revealing systemic lupus, pay attention to the condition of internal organs, the level of skin damage.

Treatment of ailment

Curing red lupus is completely impossible. This is a chronic disease, which means, unfortunately, you can not completely get rid of its manifestations in the future. Nevertheless, there are a number of effective methods in which the remission period can be several times increased. First of all, by taking glucocorticoids - hormonal drugs. In addition to treatment with a medicamentous method, a course of procedures of plasmaphoresis is conducted. In some cases, inpatient treatment of the patient is necessary.

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Lupus disease, although impossible to overcome completely, but thanks to modern medicine really reduce its manifestations to the maximum. The main thing is to diagnose and start treatment in time.

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