/ / Massage of the extremities after a stroke: video, technique, recommendations

Massage of extremities after a stroke: video, technique, recommendations

Treatment of stroke at home using massage of the limbs

The patient and relatives should understand that withoutConsultation with a qualified doctor to achieve a good result with the help of massage is obtained in rare cases. The main reason for this is the diversity of individual characteristics of the patient's body. It is required to develop a special massage method that would be performed regularly by relatives or a doctor.

Massage of the extremities after a stroke can be prescribedAlready in 3-4 days. Effects on the hands and feet should not be oppressive, but rather soft, with little force and without deep kneading, however intense enough. Directions of movement from hip to feet. The time of performing a massage of hands and feet for 5 minutes for each part of the body. In the following, the duration increases to 7-10 minutes.

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Massage for stroke of the right side of the body

Left-sided stroke is a form of lesion of the leftHemisphere of the brain, resulting in paralysis of the right side of the body. With this diagnosis, it is recommended to start any massages from a healthy part of the body, and hit warmed with a warmer. In addition, the technique of affecting the muscles varies, depending on what tone they are in (relaxed or tense). Therefore, before starting the procedure and at the time it is recommended:

  1. Preheat the damaged part of the body (warmer, warm blanket, etc.);
  2. Determine muscle tone;
  3. Begin the execution of the movements of the legs from the hip and down, to the feet;
  4. Massage hands from the hand towards the shoulder;
  5. In procedures on the back, knead from top to bottom, also with the position on the back.

Massage of hands, feet after a stroke: video

On the Internet a large number ofAll sorts of text recommendations, like doing a massage after a stroke at home, but nothing will replace visual viewing. You can get acquainted with a good video of the massage of the extremities after a stroke, which clearly shows all the movements that are used by qualified specialists during the procedure, which will help you in independent practice.

Unfortunately, despite the prevalenceStroke as a phenomenon, on the Internet video with practical recommendations and massage technologies is very small. In any case, in addition to watching videos, it is recommended to seek professional advice from doctors who have a license of masseurs.

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