/ How to perform a hand massage after a stroke?

How to perform a hand massage after a stroke?

Regenerating acupressure for stroke patients

This technique is completely aimed at restoring the activity of nerve endings, which, when paralyzed, are in a retarded state or completely inhibited.

This therapeutic massage can give such improvements:

  • Activation of blood and lymph circulation, which is very important for the paralyzed limb;
  • Beneficial effect on restoring sensations and motor functions in the paraplegic limbs;
  • Prevents contact patches (in medicine - persistent and prolonged often irreversible rigor mortis of muscle fiber or its specific site;
  • Significantly reduces muscle tone, which often causes spasmolytic reactions;
  • Helps to get rid of the pain or reduce its intensity;
  • Affects the mood of the patient for the better;
  • It often helps to prevent congestive pneumonia in the elderly;
  • Prevents formation of puffiness and pressure sores.

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To start this massage you need as much as possiblebefore. So, for example, if the stroke was hemorrhagic, then the best time to start the sessions is 6-7 days after exacerbation. With ischemic stroke, massage can begin on day 2-3. The first procedures for duration should be about 5-10 minutes, after a week of sessions, the time gradually increases to half an hour. The course of massage for stroke patients is 30 daily procedures.

So, before the session the patient should do, the affected arm is slightly raised on the pillow, to improve the effect under it you can put a warm water bottle.

Massage should begin with intenseStrokes. Thus, the flow of blood to the affected areas improves. After these manipulations, the masseur with his thumb begins to lightly press on the blood vessels. You can start the movement from the back area of ​​the elbow and end with the beginning of the palm.

Then you can apply kneading movements throughout the arm area, starting from the shoulder.

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What is contraindicated after a stroke?

If we talk about massage, the mainContraindications are sharp and intense movements. It is not recommended to use massage oils or warming balms (such as Asterisk). After the session, the patient should not be taken to fresh air, as drafts can blow an already weak person.

It is worth considering that the greatest effect of massageIs achieved by a combination of proper nutrition and medical and health-improving procedures. During the rehabilitation period, the patient should not eat foods that contain caffeine, also it concerns fatty, spicy and fried foods.

Remember that regular and regular performance of massage for stroke patients in most cases gives a guarantee of complete recovery of the affected limb. Good luck and be well!

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