/ / Concept of the disease and its causes.

The concept of the disease and the causes of its occurrence.

Basic views

Usually the goiter is classified according to its location:

  • Normal
  • Annular
  • Zapadinnyi
  • The root part of the tongue and thyroid

Most often, a person with this disease is hard not to notice, because on his neck there is a large subcutaneous knot that protrudes outward.

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Causes of the disease

Physicians have not yet been able to name the exact causes of this disease. The most likely version is that it is affected by a whole complex of negative factors.

  1. Genetic predisposition.
  2. The big lack of iodine in the body.
  3. Hereditary or acquired energy insufficiency.
  4. Rapid development of numerous diseases of internal organs.
  5. Negative impact of the environment and residence in ecologically disadvantaged areas.

Symptoms of the disease

At the initial stages of the disease a person can andDo not notice the formations that appeared on the thyroid gland or in the immediate vicinity of it. Huge cones, which can be seen in patients with goiter, indicate a neglected form of the disease.

Nevertheless, there are signs that a person can independently determine the onset of the disease and seek counseling from the endocrinologist.

  • Constant feeling of fullness of throat or pain in throat
  • Difficulty in swallowing food or inhaling air
  • Too frequent heart rate and pulse, which was not caused by physical exertion, stress or other external factors
  • Rapid weight loss and increased sweating
  • The state of depression, constant general weakness and rapid fatigue
  • Instability of emotional background, increased irritability

Rules for diagnosing the disease

A regular visit to a doctor can helpDisease even at the initial stage. A qualified doctor by palpation will examine the gland and, upon detection of tumors, will appoint an ultrasound examination.

  1. If a tumor can be detected, the size of whichExceeds one centimeter, it is necessary to appoint a special biopsy. If the node is smaller, the procedure is prescribed only if there is reason to believe that the tumor is malignant. Usually doctors recommend to undergo such a study, as it allows more accurate diagnosis.
  2. When the doctor discovers a goiter of the chest type, a chest X-ray is immediately assigned to make sure that the knot does not move and will not block the airways.

Rules of treatment and prevention

  • When the goiter is not too big and does not havePathological nature, surgical or hard medication is not required. It will be enough to monitor the size of the node and annually undergo ultrasound.
  • If the goiter is large and causes complications inWork of other organs and negatively affects the appearance, prescribe a treatment that reduces the burden on the thyroid gland. Usually, hormonal drugs are prescribed in combination with effects on the factors that caused the disease.
  • Malignant tumors are removed surgically at a later stage. Less commonly used special therapy.

According to the recommendations of specialists, to prevent the appearance of goiter it is enough to take special vitamins and include in your diet more products that contain iodine.

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