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Massage for osteochondrosis: video, technology

Technique of back and lumbar massage for osteochondrosis

The peculiarity of therapeutic massage for osteochondrosis consists in the sequence of movements and the position in which it is performed (lying on the stomach, sitting). The algorithm is as follows:

  1. Preparation begins directly with the hands of the masseur. They should be well oiled, and the hands are warmed up;
  2. It is necessary to put a little oil on the patient's skin. The movements are light and gentle so as not to cause pain;
  3. The process must begin with stroking, the duration of which is about 2-3 minutes. The movements are circular, horizontal and vertical in both directions;
  4. The next stage is deep stroking. It is necessary to increase the pressure on the back of the patient with one hand on the other to reveal the most problematic places on the body. Avoid touching the spinal vertebra, all procedures should be carried out on the sides of it;
  5. Grind the skin of your back, as if kneading dough. With the help of both hands, collect the skin in the folds, then smooth out;
  6. As it should, rub your back in the direction from below-up to the neck. In addition to simple movements, use even more complex ones, for example, use your fingers to claw your fingers and wrinkle them;
  7. With your fingertips, massage the longitudinal dorsal muscles. Use circular motions;
  8. At the end of the massage, use the vibration method and pat them, folding the palms of the boat and tapping with the edge of the palm.

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The duration of mechanical impacts on the back should not exceed 20-25 minutes during the first sessions. In the subsequent, gradually, the duration is increased and can reach 40-50 minutes.

Of course, a general method is described here without taking into accountCharacteristics of each individual patient. Keep in mind that massage with osteochondrosis is desirable to perform either by a professional, or at least after consulting a specialist.

Technique of neck massage for osteochondrosis

It is worth considering that the neck - an unprotected partOur body, and therefore it is easily traumatized. In order to avoid such an outcome, perform all movements smoothly, without jerks or sharp pressure, squeezing. The main impact that should be directed to this area is cautious tightening and grinding, kneading the arms of the neck itself, as well as the collar zone and the shoulder muscles.

Do not start the massage ifThe patient feels severe discomfort or pain. In addition, keep in mind that the number of sessions in the full course of cervical area therapy ranges from 7 to 10 with an average duration of every 7-15 minutes (incrementally).

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Massage techniques for osteochondrosis: video

The network has a number of excellent videos that show several types of back, neck and waist massage techniques for osteochondrosis. To familiarize yourself with some of them you can click on the links below:

  • The teacher of the Moscow Institute of Reconstructive Surgery will tell and show the basic techniques of massage;
  • Another video, which describes in detail and shows the movement;
  • A good video of Dr. Chub S.А. On the technique of massage of the neck-collar zone in osteochondrosis.

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