/ / Description of the medicinal plant and rules for the preparation of raw materials.

Description of the medicinal plant and rules for the preparation of raw materials.

And this is not surprising, because it is widely used inCooking for soups, salads, bakery products and vegetable oil. In addition, the rape is used to treat various diseases in folk medicine.

Healing properties

The spectrum of application of medicinal herbs is not so wide as that of other plants, but the effect that the rape has is quite specific.

  • Tinctures of it relieve chronic fatigue and help to relax
  • It is taken by people who have an acute shortage of vitamin C
  • Helps normalize the work of the nervous system, including facilitating the occurrence of serious diseases such as epilepsy and paralysis
  • Specialists in folk medicine especially recommend taking funds based on rape to increase sexual activity and intensity of sperm production

Rules of raw material procurement

To collect medicinal herbs, goin the forest. Most often it grows there. It is also found on the banks of rivers and on moist meadows. The grass grows along roads, and even in landfills, but you can not collect them for medicine.

Traditional medicine uses leaves, stems, flowers and even plant pods. But they need to be harvested only during flowering, and it is possible to store dried raw materials for only one year.

Prescription Drugs

Universal tincture

To cook it, you need to take a tablespoonDry or even fresh slightly chopped herbs and pour a glass of boiling water. The remedy should stand for several hours. Then it is filtered and diluted with boiled water, so that the result is the initial amount of liquid.

It is recommended to take this medicine on a quarter of a glass three times a day for twenty minutes before a meal. This will help men to increase their sexual activity and make the production of sperm more intense.

The same dosage is suitable for the treatment of nervous disorders and for dealing with general weakness. To give the body a tone, on the basis of this medicine, herbal teas are prepared.

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To men for a note

To debug the production of sperm, take the juice from theFresh grass. It should be taken on a small glass with a volume of 30 milliliters several times a day before meals. The duration is one to two months.

To cleanse the body

To remove toxins and toxins from the body,Prepare a collection in which in equal proportions are the rape, plantain, St. John's wort, sage and nettle. On a tablespoon of herbal mixture take a glass of hot water and insist for forty minutes, then strain.

To cleanse the body, drink half the glass twice a day, about twenty minutes before a meal. To achieve the desired effect, the course should be three weeks.

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With regard to contraindications, the unwantedThe consequences of taking such medications have not been recorded. But more caution with the rape must be addressed to people who have a tendency to internal bleeding. Do not take medicines from the rape for people with stones in the kidney or bladder for too long, since the diuretic action of the plant can cause large stones to get stuck in the ureters and cause pain.

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