/ / Massage of abdomen and back after caesarean section: recommendations, techniques, features

Massage of abdomen and back after caesarean section: recommendations, technique, features

Massage after cesarean section helps to get rid ofFrom unnecessary folds. It consists of a set of exercises, allowing you to quickly restore the former form. What are these exercises and how are they done? Let's take a closer look.

Technique of massage on the stomach after cesarean

Let's consider the basic techniques and techniques of theirImplementation. In the early days, it is recommended to perform trituration, stroking and mild kneading. The masseur performs circular movements in the navel area, and also on the sides gradually increasing the intensity. It is worth to be attentive and finish the session if there is a feeling of discomfort or pain. The time of the procedure is strictly individual. It can last as 10 minutes, and 30, so you should find out beforehand the doctor this nuance.

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With back massage, there are no such restrictions. It is performed in close to classical form with the only difference that the execution time is slightly reduced, and the physical load on the part of the masseur on the patient's body is markedly reduced, shock methods of massage are excluded.

Restoration of abdominal muscles after caesarean section: additional exercises

A set of individual exercises, which alsoCan be attributed to massage, markedly accelerates the reduction of the woman's abdomen to its original state. Such exercises are performed while sitting. Each movement is repeated 8 times, performed by hands:

  • Bend and unbend a foot;
  • Turn left, right, up, down;
  • Compression and relaxation of the gluteal muscles.

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All movements above serve for warming up. Now we roll over on our backs, put our hands on our stomachs, keep our knees bent and slightly divorced:

  • We take a breath and raise the head and shoulders (a few centimeters from the bed), we lower the exhalation;
  • Inhale - lift the stomach up, exhale - let down;
  • Inhale - only the head rises, exhalation - falls.

Do exercises regularly, every day, but watch your health, do not overload the body.

Massage after cesarean section: advice of specialists

There are several tips, recommendations and warnings from doctors that should be considered before starting the procedures:

  • Always consult your doctor about any physical activity, especially those associated with abdominal muscles;
  • As a rule, the first simple exercises can be done 2-3 days after the operation;
  • The press can not be rocked in the classic way for the next 3-4 months;
  • It is forbidden to do a full massage with physical exertion on the patient's body, this is unsafe for health;
  • To achieve the desired effect, you need to perform a massage in combination with simple physical exercises;
  • Menses, tumors, skin formations (including allergies), bruises, wounds, cuts, bleeding - all this is a stop factor for performing a massage after cesarean section.

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If you want and proper performance of massage and exercises, you will very quickly bring your body into shape. Your tummy will look perfect, as before. Good luck!

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