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Methods, how to quickly relieve sore throat with angina, a list of medications

How to relieve the pain in the throat without the help of tablets?

When there is no more strength to endure aching pain in the throat,We think about the means that help to remove the unpleasant sensations. There are a lot of options, because you are not the first and you are not the last who have such questions.

Pain relief with standard methods, without drugs:

  • Preheat the water, stir in it a couple of teaSpoonful of salt, stir well and rinse the throat. The procedure must be repeated hourly. This will help significantly reduce the pain and swelling;
  • Make a warm compress and wrap it around the neck. Change the dressing as it cools;
  • Usual warm (not hot) tea with lemon and honey will have a beneficial effect on well-being, increase immunity and significantly reduce pain;
  • A warm shower or bath can ease and temporarily relieve pain with sore throat. However, be careful and do not go undressed from a warm room to a cold one;
  • Iodized sea salt, mixed with water and wrapped in a clean towel - an excellent compress for the throat, like a compress of chamomile infusion;
  • If the house has a vaporizer, place it on theWarm temperature and slightly moisten the room, breathing warm water vapor. The main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to make the room damp. You can get boiling water in a deep bowl, throw chamomile or ginger, and breathe the steam, bending over the dishes and covering her and the head with a towel.

How to relieve the pain in the throat with angina: the best medicine

Do not want to suffer and wait for a long time, when the pain in the throat ceases? Then the best solution will be lollipops, spray or usual medications containing paracetamol or ibuprofen.

The candy contains phenol, which not only "dulls" the pain, but also heals by destroying the bacteria on the mucous membrane of the throat. The best suckling tablets are:

  1. Strepsils. It includes not only components that allow to destroy the infection, but also essential oils, lemon, honey and other ingredients that help to remove inflammation, remove pain and cure;
  2. Fervex and Sebidine. Contain a powerful component of chlorhexidine, which allows you to quickly get rid of the virus and reduce inflammation;
  3. Dr. MOM is a popular and effective treatment and pain reliever. It has essential oils, levomenthol, licorice and rhizome of medicinal ginger.

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A good remedy, how to quickly relieve the pain in the throat -spray. Aerosols can instantly relieve you of unpleasant sensations, puffiness and give long-awaited relief. The top three sprays, according to reviews, are as follows:

  1. Strepsils plus. Does not have an enchanting taste and burns a bit when used, but the effect of using instantaneous;
  2. Stopangin. Not too expensive and effective;
  3. Inhaliptus. Also an effective medicine, but it's worthwhile being careful with contraindications. Not everyone approaches.

If you are a supporter of conventional tablets, you can choose in the pharmacy almost any tool containing paracetamol or ibuprofen. These are "Melistan", "Faryngosept", "Falimint" and dozens of others.

Do not torture yourself, you can cure the sore throat with improvised methods or with the help of effective medicines, which are dozens in pharmacies for every taste and for different prices. Fast you cure!

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