/ / White spots on the teeth of a child or an adult: what is it and how to get rid of it

White spots on the teeth of a child or an adult: what it is and how to get rid of it

White spots on teeth: causes of appearance in adults

A white dot on the tooth is a harbinger of some serious diseases. It is worth to distinguish the appearance of pathology in an adult or child. Let's start to consider the main causes in adults:

  • Dental fluorosis. A fairly common disease, which is precisely characterized by manifestations of light marks. The reason for his appearance is an excess of fluoride in the body. We get this substance mainly from seafood and cereals. At its or his deficiency the organism is bad, and at an overabundance it is even worse. So it's worth to be very attentive. If the dentist confirms the fluorosis, then you will be assigned a corresponding diet, excluding any fluoride-containing products. It's important not to go to the doctor's clinic, because the disease progresses and can hit the tooth so that no diet can save, only prosthetics will help;
  • Caries. Another reason for the appearance of white spots on the teeth. In the beginning, damage to the tooth with this disease can be characterized by a light mark, which eventually darkens and destroys the enamel. Interestingly, unlike dental fluorosis, caries is characterized by a lack of mineral substances, including fluoride. Therefore, doctors prescribe fluoro-containing drugs.

These two diseases show how importantTo understand the reasons for the appearance of white spots at a professional level by contacting a doctor. If you make a mistake in the diagnosis, you can cause additional complications, starting, for example, to use foods or medicines with a significant fluoride content with dental fluorosis or vice versa, to refuse fluoride in caries. The causes of light areas may be other diseases, so do not overstretch and try to show yourself soon to the dentist.</ P>

What if the child has white spots on his teeth?

Unlike adults, children do not have time toTo earn to itself such serious sores as caries or a fluorosis. If the child's teeth in white spots - this is the main sign of hypoplasia of the enamel (underdevelopment of the enamel). Physicians identify several main causes of the disease:

  • Predisposition of the child to the disease due to the transmitted infectious diseases of the mother during pregnancy, the development of her caries, toxicosis;
  • Malnutrition of the mother during pregnancy;
  • Unbalanced nutrition of the baby, a deficiency of certain vitamins (including calcium, fluoride);
  • Postponed severe illnesses during the first years of life;
  • Congenital allergy.

</ P>

Treatment of underdevelopment of enamel at firstSimple enough. It is only necessary to apply a special mineral paste on the damaged teeth, due to which mineralization takes place. Additionally, the dentist can do fluoridation or silvering. If you start the process of hypoplasia of the enamel, then it will go to caries, which will be much harder to cure.

Only a professional will help get rid of white spots on the teeth

Strongly not recommended by yourselfTake any action to heal white spots on the teeth. A bright spot can be a symptom of completely different diseases requiring professional treatment. Address to the stomatologist, establish the diagnosis and after that pass or take place course of treatment.

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