/ How many years can I use tampons?

How many years can I use tampons?


Advantages and disadvantages of using tampons by girls
At what age can girls use tampons?

Advantages and disadvantages of using tampons by girls

Undoubtedly, the main advantage of these productsIs compact and invisible. Even during menstruation, a girl can safely wear a swimsuit and go to sunbathe. In addition, tampons, in contrast to the pads, give greater confidence that the blood will not fall on the clothes. They absorb well enough menstrual excretion, thus do not deliver any discomfort. But do not forget about some shortcomings, among which:

  1. Introduction of the applicator in the vagina requiresSome skills and clean hands. With the wrong introduction, the girl will feel unpleasant pressure and even pain. Virgins can, by carelessness, commit defloration (tearing the hymen).
  2. Tampons need to be changed every four hours. On the advertising slogan "pinned and forgotten" can not be hoped, since the excessive stay of this hygiene item in the vagina can cause a buildup of pathogenic bacteria, thereby provoking a toxic shock syndrome, which is very dangerous for health.
  3. From what age can you use tampons for girls
  4. Incorrectly selected format may well lead to stretching of the vaginal entrance and the appearance of microcracks.
  5. You can not sleep with tampons. The reason is the same: you need to change every 4 hours. We think you are unlikely to put an alarm clock to perform this necessary procedure.
  6. The use of this hygiene product is undesirable in diseases such as thrush and inflammation in bacterial vaginal infections.
  7. Menorragia (plentiful monthly) also are contraindication.

At what age can girls use tampons?

Yes, the cases when innocent girls deprived themselves of virginity when introducing a tampon are not fiction, but their frequency is about 1 to 1000, so you can not worry about it.

Another thing, if a teenage girl chooses forThe wrong format of these products, than not only hurts the hymen, but also damages the walls of the vagina. Therefore, the conclusion is this: you can start using tampons from the first menstruation, but for teenagers it is best to choose tampons of the mini format (in rare cases, the standard).

And yet before applying this kind ofHygiene, we recommend you visit a gynecologist. The doctor will not only consult you in more detail, but also make an examination to exclude inflammation and infections of the genitals.

We hope that this publication helped to understand thatUse tampons can be from any age, the main thing is to adhere to the correct technique of introduction and compliance with hygiene standards. A careful attitude to this issue will help you avoid many troubles for the female part. Good luck and be well!

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