/ How to clean the liver at home?

How to clean the liver at home?

Drugstores and folk remedies for liver cleansing

In order to clean the maximumSuccessfully, it is necessary to familiarize yourself and choose for yourself the remedy that will act as a purifier. If we talk about pharmacy options, then before the main cleansing doctors recommend to take the course of the drug Gepabene, Essential Forte or Karsil. These drugs have hepatoprotective properties and are able to repair toxin-damaged liver cells. After the drug preparation of this body, you need to determine which fluid to use in combination with sunflower or olive oil. If you suffer from heartburn, it is best to use beet juice. If the acidity of the stomach is lowered, lemon juice will suit perfectly.

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How to clean the liver at home: the procedure

After you have decided on the cleansing agents, it is very important to consider the technique of carrying out this procedure.

To choose the day you need to navigate the lunarCalendar. The most suitable day is a full moon. In the morning, waking up, you can drink a glass of water or fat-free yogurt. Also in the morning it is necessary to do a large bowel enema wash. For enema, you can use plain water or a broth of dogrose.

Now it is important to attach a warmHeating pad (preferably electric). Lying in this position is necessary until evening. At this time you can safely read, talk on the phone or just sleep. Periodically you can leave for a while.

It is important not to eat anything during the day, because before the cleansing session, you will create a huge load on the digestive organs.

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So after 7-8 hours of warming up you needTake a cleansing compound. To do this, prepare half a glass of vegetable oil and a glass of beet juice (if you choose lemon juice, then 5 tablespoons). Take a few sips of oil, then drink juice. If you do not feel nauseous, then this action is done in 5-10 minutes. Cleaners need to drink to the end, otherwise the therapeutic effect of this procedure will be negligible.

After the procedure is completed, slight dizziness and a feeling of nausea are possible. After a liver cleansing session, try to fall asleep.

In cleaning the liver at homeThere is nothing difficult, but it is strongly recommended that you consult with your doctor before carrying out this procedure and possibly even take tests. Do not treat these techniques lightly, because sometimes uncontrolled initiative can lead to unnecessary consequences.

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