/ Interrupted intercourse: reliability, reviews. Interrupted sexual intercourse and the probability of pregnancy

Interrupted sexual intercourse: reliability, testimonials. Interrupted sexual intercourse and the probability of pregnancy

Method of interrupted act


  • availability. The interrupted sexual intercourse is absolutely free and accessible, there is no need to follow the schedule for taking oral contraceptives, calculate safe days and restrain sexual desire in the absence of contraceptives;
  • simplicity. Many women refer to hormonal pills and intrauterine spirals with prejudice, choosing or agreeing to an interrupted act;
  • Brightness of tactile sensations. A certain contingent of women and men do not want to use condoms, complaining about a decrease in the sensitivity of the penis and lack of lubrication / excitement. During interrupted vaginal contact, the process is close to natural, partners do not interfere with the barrier, which allows you to fully experience pleasant sensations and emotions.


  • High risk of unplanned pregnancy. The interrupted act as a means of preventing pregnancy is ineffective (the Pearl index is 30-35%). This is due to the fact that the male's pre-sperm fluid contains 10-20 million spermatozoa, so that the fertilization of the egg with the sperm can not be ruled out. Even if the partner is experienced and knows how to control ejaculation, the man can not contain the pre-saliva fluid;
  • Defenselessness against STDs;
  • Impotence and frigidity.

Rules for applying the method:

  • Before coitus a man should urinate, wash his sexual organs;
  • Semen should not fall on the external female genitalia, therefore ejaculation should be performed at a certain distance from the vagina;
  • In case of an emergency, it is recommended to always have a spermicide in place (candles, cream);
  • To practice this method of contraception can onlyMen who have great experience in sex, who can control their own ejaculation in perfection. The moment of removal of a member from the vagina of a woman should be determined without error;
  • When planning to re-sexual contact a member should be thoroughly washed, otherwise sperm can stay in the skin folds.

Ability to become pregnant with an interrupted act

If you strictly follow the safety rules andCorrectly apply the interruption of the act, the probability of becoming pregnant is about 90%. In the last and first days of the menstrual cycle, the opportunity to conceive a child is extremely small, since during this period the female body does not have an egg ready for fertilization. But 100% guarantee does not exist, ovulation has the ability to shift relative to the middle of the cycle. In rare cases, conception may occur on the last / first day of menstruation, during menstruation. Especially carefully it is necessary to be protected after sorts - the menstrual cycle is brought down, it is difficult to calculate a safe period for intercourse.

Interrupted sexual intercourse and HIV

In the context of the problem of AIDS / HIV infectionUnprotected sexual intercourse is of the greatest importance. The sex route of transmission of the virus is possible with an interrupted act, when the infectious agent contained in the vaginal secretions or sperm through the microcracks in the mucosa enters the bloodstream. By eliminating contact with HIV-containing fluids, transmission of the virus can be prevented, however, the seminal fluid that is released during vaginal intercourse also contains HIV-this minimum volume is sufficient to transmit the infection.

The consequences of the interrupted act for men and women

With normal sexual contact, ejaculation shouldOccur without a strong-willed participation, reflexively. With PPA, the man is forced to wait tensely for the moment of ejaculation, orgasm. At the peak of lust, he interferes with the reflex act, extracts the penis from the vagina and ejaculation occurs outside the female genital organs. Abrupt change of excitation by unexpected inhibition leads to a malfunction of the nervous processes of inhibition and excitation, disturbs their mobility, provokes a disruption in the functioning of the central nervous system, the formation of a neurosis, a failure in the activity of internal systems / organs, premature ejaculation, and erection deterioration.

The duration of each coitus when interruptedSexual intercourse is more than the average, which leads to the depletion of spinal erectile centers and impotence. In addition, due to insufficient outflow of blood in the genital organs of men, neuro-trophic transformations appear. In the prostate gland, congestive hyperemia is formed leading to prostatitis, the posterior urethra and the seminal tubercle edema. Often there is an "atony" of the prostate, against which the infectious inflammatory process begins.

For a woman, an interrupted act fraught with a permanentTension, which prevents to get a full orgasm. According to statistics, 50-60% of women with anorgasmia regularly practice PAP. Another nuance: contrary to the expectations, the method does not protect against unwanted pregnancy, but if a woman trusts her partner or the problem of pregnancy is not relevant, then there should not be any difficulties in sex.

Interrupted report: reviews of doctors

Psychologists say that the man who tookThe decision in a relationship with a permanent woman to replace condoms on the BAP, at a subconscious level is ready to become a father. From a medical point of view, the interruption of the act can not be considered a method of contraception, moreover, if the PPA is used with a contraceptive goal for a long time, a man is threatened with chronic prostatitis and sexual impotence. On the other hand, interrupted sexual intercourse is safer than hormonal contraceptives and an intrauterine device. Doctors recommend not to abuse the PAP and use the method only with a verified regular partner.

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