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Cancer disease: who is sick, why and where?

Why do people suffer from cancer and where most often?

Scientists are actively exploring the epidemiologyOncological diseases for over 30 years, trying to find a regularity, where there can be cancer more common, and where less. In different parts of the Earth, the percentage of the population with malignant tumors is different. Also different types of cancer.

In countries such as Russia, Japan, Iceland,Britain and Korea, the population is more susceptible to malignant tumors of the stomach than in other states. In the United States, it is common and occurs much more often than in other regions of the carcinoma of the colon and rectum.

The leader in lung cancer per 100 000 people againIs Russia. All these indicators largely depend on people's way of life. In the US, they eat fatty foods, consume a lot of vegetable oil and like to eat everything roasted - hence the formation of colorectal cancer, Russia - one of the leaders in the percentage of smoking population, and the Japanese, British, Koreans and Icelanders consume a lot of carcinogens that cause carcinoma of the stomach.

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True, not all so unambiguously. Indeed, the climate, the pollution of the terrain, the standard of living and the traditional food of the population all affect the development of oncological diseases, but how can we explain that in Hungary there are 313 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, which is one of the highest world indices, and in Macedonia, which is several hundred kilometers to the south and has a similar composition of soils, traditions and climate, only 6 deaths per 100,000 people? There are many such examples.

In which countries are most affected by cancer?

Why do people suffer from cancer in developed countries? Another interesting question, because according to statistics, it is these countries leaders in the number of diseases. Physicians say that this is due to the factor of old age. For the most part, carcinoma affects the population from 70 years and over. Also worth distinguishing and treatment factor. In Russia, for example, the number of deaths is much higher than in Denmark, where more than 100,000 people are sick.

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The ranking of countries for cancer is as follows (per 100 000 inhabitants):

  • Denmark - 326;
  • Ireland - 317;
  • Australia - 314;
  • Hungary - 313;
  • N. Zealand - 309;
  • Belgium - 307;
  • France - 300;
  • USA - 300;
  • Norway - 300;
  • Canada - 297

As can be seen from the statistics, all countries haveSufficiently high level and life expectancy. If in Russia, men on average survive to 63 years, in Denmark to 78-80, hence the greater number of diseases.

Which country is the least affected by cancer?

It is known that Macedonia has the lowestThe death rate, but with what it is not clear. Also, favorable statistics for a small number of people dying of cancer in Israel. The medicine of this country works wonders, achieving 80% of the cure for ailment.

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The ranking of cities for the largest cancer in Russia consists of (per 1,000 population):

  • Samara Region - 18;
  • Orel - 16;
  • Ulyanovsk - 16;
  • St. Petersburg - 15.5;
  • Altai Territory, Yaroslavl and Ryazan Region - 15

In order to avoid this terribleDisease, eat right, try to closely monitor your health, noting any, even the slightest deviations and, of course, give up harmful habits - alcohol and smoking.

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