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How to treat a persistent cold?

What is a persistent cold and how dangerous is it?

In medicine, this disease is called rhinitis andIt is an inflammation of the nasal mucosa, which can arise due to exposure to it of various harmful bacteria. Also, such a reaction can be traced as a result of exposure to dust or various gases. The human nose is an excellent disinfectant for air. Therefore, the main danger of the common cold is that when the mucous membrane is inflamed, it loses most of its ability to disinfect the air that has entered the nasal sinuses. As a result, during an rhinitis it is easy to catch an infectious disease, for example, a cold.

Most often, this disease passes afterSeveral days of treatment, or is cured by itself within a week. However, there is also such a phenomenon as a persistent cold. It is expressed in the fact that nasal congestion and discharge from the nose can last for months and even years. The main reason for the appearance of this problem is in time untreated acute rhinitis.

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The danger of a permanent cold isPossible complications of the throat, pharynx, respiratory and lacrimal ways. Also, in the absence of treatment, the patient may develop severe headaches and heart problems. Frequent nasal congestion can cause attention and memory disorders, impairment of brain activity.

What to do if you have a permanent cold?

If you suffer from chronic, chronicRunny nose, you should immediately consult a doctor. First of all, you need to determine the cause of this ailment, since this will determine the way of therapy that will help you to recover. It must also be remembered that the earlier the professional treatment is started, the faster the runny nose will go and the likelihood of complications will decrease.

As for traditional medicine, there isA variety of ways to treat chronic colds, and one of them is the inhalation of aromas of pine essential oils and crushed herbs. Many recommend dripping or simply lubricating the nose with the juice of the Kalanchoe plant. Judging by the reviews, the herbal infusion of mint, plantain and melissa helps a lot. It is enough to take 20 grams of each of these ingredients and pour a glass of boiling water. Such a decoction can be used both for inhalation and for instillation into the nose. To speed up the process of healing, one should eat foods rich in vitamin C every day.

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But you understand that it is better to conduct a regularPrevention of diseases than to treat what has already happened. And constant rhinitis in this is no exception. Be more attentive to your body, and you will deserve from him gratitude as a good feeling!

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