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What are the dangers of birthmarks: symptoms, what diseases are carried, treatment

Safe Birthmarks

To better understand what a mole is dangerous, you first need to talk about safe nevuses.

A normal mole looks like a flat spotBrown or black. As a rule, such birthmarks either do not protrude above the skin at all, or protrude slightly. The size of benign formations does not exceed the size of the eraser from the pencil. One of the indicators of safety of the birthmark is the hair that grows straight out of it, symmetry, clear boundaries, constant color and diameter of no more than 6-8 mm.

Symptoms of Dangerous Moles

With safe nevi, everything is more or less clear, but how to identify dangerous birth marks on the body? In this we will help the photo below, which shows photos of normal moles and melanoma.

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Look closely at the main signs of an unhealthy nevus, this is:

  • Asymmetry. Divide the pigmented spot visually into two equal halves. As a rule, a healthy birthmark will have almost complete correspondence between its halves, and the problematic is vice versa.
  • Edges of the nevus. The boundaries of benign education (edges) should be of regular, even forms. If they "blur", uneven or have the wrong shape, then it is worth to consult a dermatologist;
  • Colour. When the birthmark for a certain time completely changes color (from black to brown or vice versa) is a signal of negative changes in composition;
  • The diameter should not exceed 6-8 mm. If the speck is larger, this does not always mean any problems, but there is a threat of their appearance, therefore it is recommended to register with a dermatologist.

Dangerous birth marks on the body: the reasons for the formation

Predisposition to pigmented formations onOur body largely depends on hereditary factors. More than half of the skin formations appear on our body until the age of 25 simply because it is so embedded in our DNA and we will not fix anything. However, there are a number of other equally significant factors that affect the appearance of large moles that carry danger:

  • Ultraviolet. Too intense sunburn will oversaturate the skin with melanin, which will lead to the formation of spots, and often convex and dangerous;
  • Infectious, viral diseases, insect bites. Many doctors believe that these three factors also affect the formation of excess melanocyte;
  • Hormones are another important factor that causesThe appearance of unwanted birthmarks. A surge of hormonal activity (for example, during pregnancy) can lead to the uncontrolled appearance of dozens of melanin marks.

Convex birthmark in the child, if there is danger?

If the parents have many birthmarks on their bodies, then howRule, they will also appear in children and worry about it is not worth it, but it is better to consult an oncologist and dermatologist at least 1-2 times a year, by registering. This will help to see the intensity of neoplasms, their growth and changes.

Treatment of moles, prevention

Unfortunately, apart from surgical intervention andThe removal of the degenerated into melanoma birthmarks or those where there is a risk of transformation into a malignant tumor, there is no other treatment. Doctors advise people with a predisposition to the appearance of age spots not to stay long in the sun, do not visit the solarium, do not sunbathe. Thus, the appearance of new moles can be significantly reduced.

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