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Drinking to live

Quality of drinking water in urban water supply systemsLeaves much to be desired. Even if the local station does its work on conscience, in the tap water there are harmful to health nitrates, pesticides, salts of heavy metals, residual chlorine.

"You need to boil," you say? But this is not a panacea. Concentration of inorganic compounds due to the evaporation of water not only does not become less, but on the contrary - it increases.

Filter - the whole head

Filtering tap water - the solution is obvious. But it is important that drinking water is not only clean, but also useful.

When choosing a filter, remember that this purchase is not forone day. It is not worth saving on quality. The prices of companies that have proven themselves in the water technology market are much higher, but in this case the brand is not just empty words.

To create a new filter you need serious research, development of innovative technologies, teamwork of chemists, biologists, engineers. But only this approach guarantees quality.

Filters of European manufacturers allowClean drinking water from unpleasant after-taste, odors, residual chlorine, heavy metals, as well as viruses and bacteria. At the outlet, you get water with preserved mineralization.

Another advantage of the latest generation of filters is compactness and modern design.

So the WodaPure filter from BWT (the leading European company in the field of water treatment) is installed at the final point of the drinking water intake and harmoniously blends into the interior of any kitchen.

What is especially pleasant is that there is no need to invite a specialist to replace the cartridge. The procedure is so simple that you can do it yourself.

Whichever filter you choose, it will be justified investment, because there is nothing more expensive than health!
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