/ Blisters on the body: causes and methods of treatment. What to do if blisters appear on the body?

Blisters on the body: the causes and methods of treatment. What to do if blisters appear on the body?

Do not ignore such a symptom, even though heMay seem completely harmless to you. Under it, anything can be hidden. Let's look at what blisters are and what they can warn you about.

What causes blisters on the body?

Blisters are rather dense in consistency. They come in different sizes, colors and shapes. Some of them itch and give discomfort. Among the most frequent reasons for their appearance:

  • Side effects from the use of drugs
  • Exposure to chemicals on the skin
  • Burn
  • Bite
  • Infection

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This is a list of the most innocuous problems thatYou can quickly cure and say goodbye to such an unpleasant spectacle. But there are diseases and more serious, for example, urticaria, mycosis, dermatitis, dyshidrosis, herpes. Their treatment should be handled by qualified doctors and any amateur activity here is undesirable. Also blisters can appear as a symptom of stomatitis. In this case they are white or transparent. Pharyngitis is characterized by pink blisters on the pharyngeal wall, if they are saturated white, most likely, it's a sore throat.

If the blisters on the skin appear from time to timeIt is especially worrisome, because it can be a symptom of a serious illness, for example, eczema or psoriasis. Therefore, never ignore this symptom.

What if the blisters on my body itch?

Unfortunately, the unpleasant appearance of the blisters, thisNot everyone. Often they are heavily itchy, which makes it even more uncomfortable. Before anything can be done, it is worth consulting with a doctor so that he can make an accurate diagnosis. Starting from this, he will prescribe medications that will not only relieve the itching, but primarily cure the disease that provokes her.

Never scratch blisters, as you can break their integrity, and this threatens an infectious disease.

You should immediately consult a doctor if the blistersBecame a size of more than five centimeters and accompanied by suppuration. Also you should be alerted if they get bigger and your temperature rises.

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How to treat blisters on the body?

In any case, the treatment should appoint a doctor. You can only adhere to the basic recommendations that will help to get rid of this trouble faster.

  1. Never pierce the blister, and if it burst on its own, try to keep his skin.
  2. Avoid mechanical damage, friction and any pressure.
  3. Do not use a bandage as a bandage.
  4. If the blister is red, you can lubricate it with zinc or ichthyol ointment before you visit the doctor.

A doctor can prescribe a course of treatment for you,The process of which you will use special ointments, antibiotics or other medications. But you can not get rid of blisters by yourself, because you can put an infection and seriously complicate the process of treatment.

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Be healthy and use qualified help.

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