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Bates' method for restoring good vision: a set of exercises and tips.

A person is inclined to panic as soon as heThere are any health problems. Especially if they are associated with vision. The fact is that many changes in the eyes pass completely unnoticeably and very suddenly. Most often, the main reason lies in emotional, psychological tension. This is not always amenable to treatment with pills, which means it is very scary. We will try to understand how to relax the eye muscles in order to prevent possible visual impairment and even restore its full function.

Exercises in the Bates method

As a basis in this technique, the doctor took a specialSystem of training Indians from North America. This is an experience of many hundreds of years, which confirms that the cause of visual disturbances in a person is most often a mental strain. As a result, the muscles and the nerves of the eye are straining and later become unfit for use. To prevent this from happening, one must learn to relax and strain the specific eye muscles.

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Exercise Program

To carry out this set of exercises is necessaryRegularly and preferably several times a day. I am glad that it is not difficult to do this and no one will notice anything. It is important to remember that after each exercise you should often blink, trying to imagine that your eyes are butterfly wings. Thus, you will relax the eyeball and exercise will become more effective.

  1. Start with a simple "Up-Down" exercise. Raise your eyes up, then lower them down and repeat eight times.
  2. Now do the same exercise only look sideways: to the right and to the left. Repeat also eight times.
  3. The third exercise can be conditionally called"Diagonal". You need to look diagonally: to the left and up, to the right and down. Repeat the exercise six times. As many times repeat the diagonal only in the other direction: to the right and up, to the left and down.
  4. Then proceed to the next exercise inThe process of which you need to draw a rectangle with your eyes. The scheme is as follows: left and up, right and up further to the right and down, to the left and down. Repeat six times, then start drawing the same rectangle only in the other direction.
  5. Do an exercise called "Clock". To do this, you need to connect your imagination and with your eyes drive along the dial, fixing on each digit. Do this two or three times clockwise and as much against it. It is very important to smoothly move the look on the dial, trying to maximize visualize the ideal circle.
  6. The next exercise will be much more difficult. For him you will also need a lot of imagination. Imagine yourself as an artist who decorates your home. Visualize the brush with paints and move your eyes from left to right, painting the interior items. Make a move three times and repeat in the other direction: from top to bottom.

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This will complete your daily training.

Remember that improving eyesight with glassesIt is impossible, since they do not train your eye muscles, but, on the contrary, make them immobile. You also need to maximize their load, ensuring the maximum flow of blood and energy. Also, do not forget about a healthy lifestyle, which is very useful not only for restoring the eyes, but also for the general condition of the body.

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