/ Intrapersonal conflict: types, causes and solutions. How to resolve the conflict within yourself?

Intrapersonal conflict: types, causes and solutions. How to resolve the conflict within yourself?

Internal conflicts have studied a huge numberPsychologists, including Sigmund Freud, who first pointed out the essence of this state. It lies in the constant tension associated with a huge number of contradictions around a person: social, cultural, inclinations, desires.

Types of intrapersonal conflicts

There are six main groups of internal conflicts, which from time to time overtake each of us.

  1. Motivational - the clash of different motives.
  2. Moral - a clash of our desires and responsibilities. Very often it arises as a result of the discrepancy between our desires and the requirements of parents or the environment.
  3. Unrealized or inferiority complex. An internal conflict of this kind arises if your desires do not turn into reality. To him often refers to dissatisfaction with his appearance, or abilities.
  4. An inter-conflict occurs when a person takes on two roles and can not determine which one is more acceptable to him. For example, a woman careerist or mother.
  5. An adaptive conflict arises if the demands on the outside world do not correspond to the opportunities. Often found in the professional sphere.
  6. Inadequate self-esteem arises as a result of discrepancies between one's personal aspirations and an assessment of opportunities.

Causes of Intrapersonal Conflict

As we have already said, the internal conflict isThe normal process of a person who develops. In fact, this is the result of constant searching for oneself, fighting for a certain place in life. But if they are not solved in time, they can introduce a person into a full existential vacuum, which is akin to a feeling of emptiness and abandonment. Such a state can result in a serious disorder, which is inherent in the belief in the absolute absence of the meaning of life.

Among the most common reasons: Contradiction, different aspirations, several desires and the difficulty in determining priorities. These are contradictions in the sphere of interests, goals, motives. Lack of opportunities to realize something, and at the same time, the inability to ignore one's desire. This is a special manifestation of the completely normal interaction of various components of a person's personality.

It is interesting that an internal conflict arisesOnly when two equal forces put pressure on a person. If one of them is not equally important, like the second - we choose the most optimal option and avoid conflict.

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How to resolve internal conflict?

Despite the fact that internal conflicts areThe normal state of the developing person, they must be solved or try to warn. For this, there are specific techniques. We will give you some tips to help you understand the problem and begin to resolve it.

Start by knowing yourself. It is very important to understand specifically all of your advantages and disadvantages. Thus, in your eyes you will become a fully defined, whole person.

Analyze your mistakes and shortcomings in terms of obstacles to discovering your potential. Often in a person concentrates a huge number of factors restraining his development:

  • The habit of shifting responsibility
  • Faith in others, but not in yourself
  • Hypocrisy, a habit
  • Not willingness to seek their own happiness and protect it
  • Self-blunting of one's strength, which stimulates development
  • Focus on the secondary and nonessential

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Try to articulate your values ​​clearly.

Develop self-confidence: Constantly try new things, do not fuss, do not envy or humiliate yourself, do not lie to yourself and do not try to make a false impression on others, do not adapt to the environment.

Start by changing yourself and your internal conflicts will recede by themselves, and you will feel the real growth of your abilities.

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