/ Intrauterine infections in pregnant women and newborns: types, causes, prevention.

Intrauterine infections in pregnant women and newborns: types, causes, prevention.

Intrauterine infection is aA disease caused by various pathogens. As a result, the body of a pregnant woman begins an inflammatory process that can affect the entire body, including the body of an unborn baby. Infection enters the body of the child through a blood flow common to the infected mother. In addition, there is a possibility of getting infected by swallowing amniotic fluid during childbirth.

Types of intrauterine infections

In the modern world there is a huge amountVarious infections, but for a pregnant woman the most dangerous are: herpes viruses, rubella, cytomegaly, influenza; Various bacteria, especially Escherichia coli, chlamydia, streptococci; Fungi and toxoplasma.

Let us consider in more detail the most frequent of them.

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If a woman is infected with it, the child most oftenBecomes infected while in the womb. Rarely it happens during childbirth. This is a very secretive virus, absolutely asymptomatic, so that a future mother may not even imagine that she is sick. The cause of the disease is immune deficiency. In some cases, cytomegalovirus slows the development of the child, even less often threatens his life.


If it is discovered in time, it often becomesThe cause of caesarean section. All because during delivery there is a huge threat to catch a baby. This virus can affect the development of the central nervous system of the child, so doctors prescribe a special therapeutic course.


This is a venereal disease. A woman can catch not only before conception, but also after, as a result of sexual intercourse. In fact, there is nothing terrible about this virus in itself, except that some discomfort. A newborn can eat poorly and can have mild diarrhea. Chlamydia is treated, but it is important that all members of the family go through the course of therapy.

The situation becomes especially difficult ifWomen have any chronic diseases. It can also be affected by the external environment, especially if it is stressful. Incorrect lifestyle, bad habits and untreated illnesses are directly displayed on the state of the child's body.

Prevention of intrauterine infections

In order to protect themselves and their futureThe child should be responsible for the child's planning process. Before conception, it is advisable to undergo a full medical examination. If any deviations were found in his process, it is necessary to be treated.

Be attentive to your body,Take good care of personal hygiene. Adhere to the rules of a healthy lifestyle, watch your diet. Thus, you will strengthen your body, and it will resist the "attackers" of infection on it.

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But even if you have been diagnosed with an intrauterine infection, do not panic. Modern medicine successfully treats such diseases and most often it ends well for both mother and baby.

Take care of yourself!

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