/ Temperaments of people. What kind of temperament? How to determine your temperament?

Temperaments of people. What kind of temperament? How to determine your temperament?

Depending on what prevails over each other,Friend, a person is divided into types. There are four types of temperament. Not always a person belongs to any one of them. Quite often it refers to a mixed type. But having read about the peculiarities of each of them, you will be able to determine what is prevailing in you and your loved ones.

Types of temperament

As we have said, there are four types of temperament: sanguine, phlegmatic, melancholic and choleric. Let's consider each of them in more detail.


A person who has a temperament like"Sanguine" is often quite active, balanced. He is very friendly and lively responds to various stimuli. He has a lively facial expression and very expressive movements, gestures, sometimes excessive. Sanguine is very easy to cheer, but also simple and angry. It is always clear from him what his mood is.

Such a person is very efficient and energetic. With pleasure starts new business, easily concentrates and possesses resourcefulness. He talks quickly, switches between different tasks. This indicates the flexibility of the mind.

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Somewhat similar to sanguine, but its activityMultiplied by times. Choleric is very excitable. Often he is excessively quick-tempered, very impatient and completely unrestrained. Such a person is very persistent and purposeful, but this prevents him from being plastic, like a sanguine person. Often this is the root of many turmoil and conflicts of interest.

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Phlegmatic person

A person who possesses this type of temperamentQuite active. At the same time, his emotionality and sensitivity are somewhat dulled. He hardly understands the humor, but it is also difficult and sad. His facial expression is restrained, and all movements are a little difficult. Phlegmatic is very attached to the situation and is difficult to get used to the new. Such people find it difficult to agree with others, they have few friends, but all of them are time-tested. Most often he is an introvert, that is experiencing everything inside himself, not bringing to the judgment of others.

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He is very sensitive, even excessive. Emotionality prevails over all. Melancholika is easy to bring to tears, offend. This is an extremely quiet and inexpressive person who prefers to remain in the shadows. He is not confident in himself and is often unsound, because every difficulty in life leaves a deep imprint on him. From it you should not expect excessive activity. Most often this is a passive, slow, clumsy person.

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How to know your type of temperament

As you have already understood, temperament is innateFeature of a person. In fact, this is his biorhythm. Ability to respond to external stimuli, accumulate energy. In order to understand what kind of temperament you can read the characteristics and compare with your behavior. But it's best to pass the test.

There are many tests that are intendedDetermine the type of person's temperament. Some of them define you to one of four types, while others take into account all the features and offer different results, which most often define a mixed type. But in any case, there are always prevailing character traits, so any of them will help you determine your own characteristics.

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