/ How to get anorexia? Common symptoms of anorexia. Behavior of a person who has become ill with anorexia.

How do you get anorexia? Common symptoms of anorexia. Behavior of a person who has become ill with anorexia.

Most often anorexia becomes a consequenceUnsuccessful weight loss. Despite the existence of a well-known formula of healthy weight (height - 100 kg = ideal weight), many women tend to the highest possible low mark on the scales. As a result, they get huge problems of a physiological and psychological nature, it is very difficult to cope with.

Symptoms of anorexia

If you look from the doctor's point of view, the symptoms are much larger than we plan to list. But this list is the most understandable and will help prevent the disease at its early stage.

Constant dissatisfaction with your weight

Especially if it is within the normal range. A person with anorexia constantly seeks to lose weight. Diets for him - a normal daily diet. Add even a few grams - a special tragedy. This happens when a girl is not satisfied with her appearance, she has low self-esteem, and others in no way help to fix it.

Malfunction of the menstrual cycle

In the process of excessive weight loss in womenThe hormonal background is lost, as a result of it there are disturbances of a menstrual cycle. If you observe the absence of menstruation for more than three months in a row, it is worth immediately contacting your doctor. Most likely the gynecologist will diagnose "amenorrhea" - which means "delay of menstrual".

Too Intensive Weight Loss

This applies to cases where a woman with aNormal weight tends to lose weight even more. As a result, it reaches a critically low body weight, thereby violating all metabolic processes in the body. Most often these people refuse to visit a doctor, and even more so a psychologist, although this is necessary.

Typical behavior of a person with anorexia

First of all, women with anorexia,Constantly limit themselves to eating. No matter how you ask them, they will never eat more than a gram. They are constantly in fasting mode so at first they may be somewhat nervous and irritated.

But there is a second category of women who are sickAnorexia and eat a lot. But all that is eaten instantly appears in the toilet. They either cause vomiting, or abuse laxatives, enemas. Usually, these women do not understand that they are ill and explain their behavior by prophylaxis against anorexia, which is completely wrong.

In order not to develop anorexia, it is very important to understand- Weight loss should be healthy. This process necessarily includes proper nutrition and regular exercise. In addition, do not be level with the well-known models that are looking at you from the magazine. Remember one magic word - Photoshop. He is able to do even from the ugly beautiful angel. Anorexia is not an easy way to lose weight. Ill by it, you will dream of returning a full-fledged life full of bright colors.

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