/ Vitamins for the heart and blood vessels. What vitamins are needed for the heart? Products containing vitamins for the heart.

Vitamins for the heart and blood vessels. What vitamins are needed for the heart? Products containing vitamins for the heart.

Vitamins are necessary in order to maintainNormal state of the body. With proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles, they can be used only in a period of high risk: stressful situations, illness, etc. But if your body is constantly exposed to negative influences of the external world, you must constantly maintain it with useful substances. The heart needs a certain complex of vitamins, and we propose to understand which one.

What vitamins are needed for the heart?

In any cardiac vitamin complex shouldBe vitamin C. It can not be said that it strengthens the heart, but it definitely positively affects the condition of the whole organism. Strengthens immunity and protects against viral diseases. In addition, it positively affects the vessels, strengthening them and stimulating blood circulation, which is very important for the normal functioning of the circulatory system.

Particularly important for the heart are vitamins of group B. They have a positive effect on blood circulation and the walls of blood vessels. No less important is the fact that they set up the work of nervous tissues.

To prevent atherosclerosis, vitamin E should be eaten regularly. It also protects against the formation of blood clots in the body and significantly reduces the burden on the heart.

An important role is played by a substance called coenzyme Q10. It can not be called a vitamin, it is rather a kind of stimulant that helps the heart to receive the necessary amount of energy every day.

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What to choose: tablets or products?

Of course, healthy foods will always beTake advantage. The natural receipt of vitamins is the best way, but there are times when it is not available. Then you should consult a doctor for advice, and he will recommend a vitamin complex that best suits you.

Vitamins necessary for the heart are around us. They are in the most common products, which with a healthy diet should always be on the table in the required quantity.

Fish - the main assistant in the process of conservationHealthy heart. It is very important to eat fish regularly to get omega-3 fatty acids from it. This substance positively affects the heart rhythm of a person and regulates the level of triglycerides.

Surprisingly, the most common nuts reduce the riskHeart attack by 50%. Impressive, is not it? All thanks to a special substance called arginine. It perfectly protects and strengthens blood vessels. So eat more nuts.

The use of extra virgin olive oil can significantly reduce cholesterol in the body and protect the vessels.

Tomatoes can prevent developmentHypertension, as well as ischemic disease. Using enough of them, you have a beneficial effect on your nervous system and protect your body from atherosclerosis.

Citrus fruits help to remove cholesterol andTo lower the pressure. Also on the body, and dried apricots (dried apricots). Doctors say that regular use of it can protect a person from a heart attack.

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Remember that your heart needs your attention and awe. Try to exclude from your life bad habits, unhealthy food. Move more and smile.

Health to you!

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