/ How to cause childbirth at home? How to cause childbirth at 41 weeks at home?

How to cause childbirth at home? How to cause childbirth at 41 weeks at home?

There are several ways of natural stimulation of childbirth:

  • Spicy food
  • Castor oil
  • Enema
  • Herbs
  • Sex
  • Walking
  • Massage

Each of them works, but every woman must find the most suitable way for herself. So, let's start describing each of them.

How to cause childbirth at 41 weeks?

Stimulation of labor through eating

Sharp food contributes to the emergence of ancestralActivity. True, it does not work at all, so use it with caution. The fact is that in this way the level of the hormone prostaglandin, which is responsible for muscle contraction, is increasing in the body, and, as is known, contractions are nothing but a contraction of muscles.

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If the sharp kitchen causes diarrhea in you, it is better to replace it with pineapple. It also promotes the production of prostaglandin, as well as maturation of the cervix.

Castor oil and enema

Both can be irritatingIntestines and prolonged diarrhea, so it is worth using them very carefully. Many are advised to give preference to enemas, since castor oil can adversely affect a child, especially if you drink too much. To stimulate enough 30 ml of oil, which must be mixed with orange juice.

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With the enema also need to be careful,Remember, you just need to lightly clean the intestines, and not cause a prolonged diarrhea. In addition, after doing this procedure at home, you can avoid it at the hospital.

Folk remedies

Some herbs can make the fights stronger, thereby speeding their birth. Best is black kohosh and primrose. However, before taking any of them, it is worth consulting with a doctor.

It should be noted that primrose oil softens wellCervix of the uterus. It helps to open the neck, thus preparing the woman's body for childbirth. If you have problems with the presentation of the placenta, it is worth refraining from taking it.

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Many people, especially men, are surprised by this method, butIt is the most effective and safe. Sex helps to cause childbirth, as it helps the body to produce the hormone oxytocin. It is he who contributes to uterine contractions. In addition, sperm has an excellent effect on the maturation of the cervix.

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During foreplay, try not to forget about the nipples of a woman. Their prolonged stimulation is also capable of producing oxytocin. This method is especially effective, if there were contractions, but ceased.

Active walks

Walking on the stairs is most effective. Just do not overdo it and do it better in the company of a loved one. It is not necessary to look for a staircase in the street, you can take a walk and at the entrance.

The fact is that physical activity stimulates all muscle groups and the baby's head begins to press on the cervix.


There are two points, the stimulation of which helpsCause a fight. You can massage the area between the thumb and forefinger. Massaging the point on the ankle also helps. It can be found at a distance of four fingers above its inner side. Do this by circular motions and rub until the fights begin. As soon as they begin - stop, wait and then start again.

Acupuncture helps very well, but it must be done only by a specialist. If there is no opportunity to address him, it is better to ask your loved one to do a massage.

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Be careful, especially if you decide to do it.enema or drink castor oil. These methods can chained you to the toilet for a long time, and it will be difficult to realize if strong battles begin. Try to coordinate each of your actions with a doctor, this will help to avoid negative effects on your body and the health of your child.

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