/ How to straighten your teeth at home? Home teeth straightening and frequent mistakes. Ways to straighten your teeth at home.

How to straighten your teeth at home? Home teeth straightening and frequent mistakes. Ways to straighten your teeth at home.

Common Mistakes

Incorrect bite, usually, manifests itself in theChildhood. Therefore, if the parents did not pay attention to the problem in time, in the adult age the teeth will need a special approach. In general, dentists identify several major mistakes that affect the beauty of teeth.

  • Self-repair of teeth at home by improvised means. It can end badly, even at the surgical table.
  • Inopportune treatment to a doctor. Once you have found cause for concern, even if it is imaginary, go to the doctor.
  • Extraction of the tooth without consulting a dentist. To pull out a teeth it is possible only in a stomatologic office and after careful survey, in fact you can get rid of a live tooth.
  • Unwillingness to remove milk teeth. If the doctor recommends that the baby remove the milk tooth to fix the bite - agree.

How do you align your teeth at home?

Nevertheless, do everything possible for yourBite at home is possible. In addition, the concept of "fix at home" involves a visit to a doctor, but does not imply a huge expenditure on medical services. You do not have to put braces, but you will have to turn to alternative technologies.


This is the most effective way to levelChildren's teeth. In fact, each denticle is put in silicone cases combined with each other. Also there is a springy arc, which affects the uneven teeth, gradually straightening them. As soon as they all become even, the bite will begin to be corrected.

The adaptation is accessible to everyone and it is possible timeFrom time to shoot, besides it is invisible, which is very important for children. But it can only be used with light curvatures. More complex cases are corrected with the help of the cap.


They can be used not only for correctionTeeth in children, but also in adults. Kappas differ in several features, which can be attributed to the advantages. First of all, it's efficiency and harmlessness for enamel. In addition, kappas are mostly worn at night, so that during the day a person will not experience discomfort. But, not everything is so nice, as this device delivers a lot of unpleasant sensations, including painful ones.


This method differs from the previous ones, sinceIt is intended for correction of minor defects of one or several teeth, which are located scattered. Veneer looks like a cap, which is put on the tooth, and it becomes absolutely unnoticeable. Their only drawback is the need to wear constantly. True, their service life reaches ten years.

In fact, align your teeth at homeIt is impossible, all the same this process presumes consultation of the doctor. It should not be neglected, because problems with the teeth can worsen and entail more serious changes in the body. In time, contact a specialist and then treatment is not needed.

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