/ How to restore vision at home? How to restore vision with folk remedies? Rapid improvement in vision.

How to restore vision at home? How to restore vision with folk remedies? Rapid improvement in vision.

How to restore your vision at home?

We advise you to listen to our advice, because they guarantee that your ocular visits will be reduced, and your vision will become much better.

Monitor the time spent before the computer

Computer and TV are the strongest enemies forYour eyes. It is best to limit the time spent in front of the monitor. Adults are not recommended to stay at the computer for more than 4 hours a day without interruption. If you are working for him, try to be distracted every hour for ten minutes so that your eyes rest. Children under seven are recommended to spend no more than half an hour at the computer, and adolescents no more than an hour.

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It is very important to have a proper rest. It's best to do this in the dark. To do this, close your eyes, put a cross on the cross on them and imagine a dark cloth in front of you. Sit quietly with your eyes closed for at least five minutes. This way you reduce the load.

Gymnastics for eyes

With the help of rest you can not restoreEyesight, this is better helped by gymnastics. It is important to correctly and regularly perform all exercises. Only in this case, you can hope for an early recovery.

Each exercise can be performed with both open and closed eyes. Repeat each of them 5-10 times.

  • Look to the right and left, up and down
  • Do rotational movements in different directions
  • Move your eyes diagonally
  • Draw a look at the sign of infinity

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It's important not to strain your eyes too much. If you have never done these exercises, start with five repetitions and bring them to ten.

Proper nutrition

Vision is also affected by diet. It is very important to include enough fresh fruits, vegetables and necessarily greenery. In the daily menu it is necessary to include freshly squeezed juices from natural products.

In the process of vision restoration, an important rolePlays the use of blueberries. It is not only useful, but also extremely tasty. It's sad that berries are available to us only in the summer, but you can always freeze it or buy an extract in a pharmacy. However, it is worth considering that extracts are less effective than fresh berries.

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As for fruits, together with blueberries, apricot separates the leader position. Its juice perfectly restores sight. You need to eat it three times a day.

Do not forget about vitamin C, eat oranges, tangerines, grapefruits - they all have a positive effect on the state of vision and contribute to its recovery.

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Herbal Recipe

Together with food it is worth usingRecipes of traditional medicine. They do not act instantly, but with regular use give good results. We offer you a simple recipe of broth from raspberry. Take leaves and flowers of raspberry, enough one tablespoon. Put them in 400 grams of boiling water, cook a few minutes. Remove the decoction from the plate and leave to soak for 20 minutes. Drink 2-3 times a day.

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As you can see, the restoration of vision is a long process. For a week or a month, it will not work, but it can be strengthened. So, watch your health and be happy!

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