/ Why are the fingers scratched? What to do if the fingertip is itching. Itching the cushion of the finger and fighting it.

Why do you scratch your fingers? What to do if the fingertip is itching. Itching the cushion of the finger and fighting it.

The reasons why itchy fingers

The reasons can be a little, beginning from dermatological diseases, finishing psychological. Let's talk more about each of them.

  • Dermatological diseases are the mostCommon cause. Pay attention to the skin. If there is redness (even insignificant), you feel a constant discomfort due to drying, the skin splits, a small reddish rash appears, then definitely, you need to go to the dermatologist. The most likely and common diseases affecting the skin on the hands are neurodermatitis, pediculosis, urticaria, scabies and a number of others.
  • Another reason that itchy fingers - an allergic reaction. This can be, as a food allergy, and caused by an external stimulus (cosmetic, for example).
  • External influence. There are several types of negative effects of the external environment on the skin of the hands - mechanical, chemical and temperature. Itching on the fingers can appear during contact with synthetic or woolen clothes (gloves on artificial or woolen basis including), which blocks normal sweating, as well as excessive sweating, prolonged exposure to frost, heat, sunlight. All this is especially true for dry and sensitive skin. This problem is called "contact dermatitis".

  • Problems with internal organs. In the body, everything is interconnected, so do not immediately sin on the shortcomings of your skin, if you feel that your fingers are scratching on your hands. Perhaps the reason lies in the malfunction of the liver or kidneys. Possible problems of the lymphatic system, gastrointestinal and thyroid.
  • Nervous overvoltage. Too emotional and easily excitable people can often observe various neurotic movements caused by false sensations. One of them, the imaginary feeling of itching on the hands or fingertips.
  • Medications. The side effect of taking some pills and ointments may be the appearance of scabies between the fingers and fingers.

What to do if the fingers are scratched on the hands?

If itching gives you an extreme feelingDiscomfort, turned into a rash, cracks in the fingers formed, be sure to consult a doctor, do not be too lazy. In other respects, it is possible to reduce manifestations at home.

  • Low temperature. For temporary relief, attach a packet of ice to your fingers.
  • A solution of oatmeal. Pour 2-3 liters of boiling water a glass of oatmeal. Wait until the water is warm and put your hands on the brush. Keep them under water for about 20 minutes.
  • Hygiene. Wash your hands regularly after contact with a dirty surface. Choose for yourself a suitable soap that does not overdry the skin.
  • No cold and boiling water. Wash your hands in water at room temperature or slightly cool, but in no case hot. From this, the fingers on the hands itch even more.

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Be that as it may, all these are rather temporary measures. When the fingers are itchy, it is recommended that you seek qualified help from a dermatologist and establish the cause of epithelial tissue damage. After this, you will be assigned professional treatment.

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