/ Why does my eyelid itch? A swollen eye is the cause and prevention. How can I help myself if my eyelids swell and my eyes itch?

Why does my eyelid itch? A swollen eye is the cause and prevention. How can I help myself if my eyelids swell and my eyes itch?

Why does my eyelids itch and swell my eyes?

If you have itching and swelling of the eyelids is important to understand,Which causes such a reaction. Quite often, the cause is sudden temperature changes (especially if you leave a warm room on a cold street). Some people may be caused by wind or unwashed hands, which they touched to the eyes. Council in both cases is one - points. Even if you have one hundred percent vision, you can order a frame with ordinary glasses that do not affect it, but they will perfectly protect your eyes from the negative influence of the surrounding world.

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The second most popular cause is allergy. Poplar fluff, feathers, pet hair, pollen of flowering plants, house dust, decorative cosmetics: if you are allergic to at least one of the listed factors, the cause is found.

In 80% of cases of exacerbations, in addition to eyelids and eyes swelling, there is a runny nose or nasal congestion, sneezing or coughing.

One of the most unpleasant causes is a tick. The disease has a name - demodectic eyelids. This disease causes microscopic tick demodex. This parasite, like lice, lives on hair and subcutaneous tissues. In layers of the epidermis, demodex finds the best place for reproduction and nutrition. In addition, that itches the eyelids, there is a small swelling, crusts and redness, patients complain of rapid eye fatigue and visual impairment.

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How can I help myself if my eyes are swollen and my eyelids swell?

If you are sure that you are allergicA complex approach. Unfortunately, this is not a disease, but an incorrect reaction of immunity to external stimuli. To completely get rid of it, a long course of desensitization (introduction of a small dose of an allergen into the patient's body with a further increase) is necessary. There are also several options for artificial suppression of symptoms. A longer, but unsafe, method is the injection of a corticosteroid drug. For a day or two from the manifestations of allergy, you can save a pill of antihistamine drug. Also, try to minimize contact with the allergen.

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If the diagnosis of "Demodecosis" is confirmed, the doctor shouldAppoint an effective treatment appropriate to the development of the disease. You will be prescribed an ointment (Blefarogel 2 or Demazol) and antibacterial drops for the eyes (Levomethicin, Tobrex, etc.). Good cope with the expulsion of parasites infusion of calendula. To do this, apply a little infusion on the cotton swab and rub the affected eyelid (wipe it in the morning and in the evening). With improvement, do not stop treatment, because the likelihood of a relapse is high.

I think, after reading this article, you understand,Which can be the cause of your problem. But it is strongly recommended that if the eyes are scratched and puffiness appears for a long time, consult a doctor, do not self-medicate.

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