/ Golden rules of communication. How to communicate correctly? A few rules that make communication easier.

Golden rules of communication. How to communicate correctly? A few rules that make communication easier.

Rules of communication with people

Start by paying attention to people

It will be much easier for you to find common themes if youBe attentive to the people around you. Remember the names of your interlocutors and your first meetings. So you will always be ready for communication. The situation in which you do not remember the name of your interlocutor is the most uncomfortable that you can imagine.

Learn to listen

Do not interrupt your interlocutor everyThirty seconds to express your opinion. It is important to learn to listen and give the opportunity to speak. Do not try to control the conversation. It is better just to express an interest in the conversation, then you and your interlocutor will feel most comfortable.

Be friendly

Pay attention to their advantages and closeEyes to flaws. Do not provoke a person to a quarrel, expressing their opinion about his unsuccessful behavior or clothes. Do not be arrogant, do not ridicule their actions. There is nothing better than good, equal relations.

Do not criticize

In conversations, refrain from criticizing your interlocutor, and in general other people around you. Remember that everyone has the right to make a mistake, and there are always two points of view for an event.

Forget about a sense of self importance

Do not assert yourself at the expense of other people. Of course, this is an inalienable feature of every person, but in conversations it is better to refuse it. It is better to give this right to your interlocutor. In any case, it will be more profitable for you.

Always watch the words

Even if you suddenly offended your interlocutorTry to apologize in time. With whom you would not communicate, do not allow yourself such liberties. Tactful behavior is important in a constructive and pleasant conversation.


Always smile, under any circumstances. This is the best accompaniment to a pleasant conversation. In addition, if you feel that the conversation is not too pleasant - smile and you will again win the favor of your interlocutor.

Be sincere

This does not mean that you shouldFrankness with the first counter. Rather be open. The person opposite you will necessarily feel false notes in your intonation, and this is the worst thing that can happen during a conversation.

Appreciate people around and be kind to them. Thus, it will be very easy for you to establish new connections and you will never have problems with communication.

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