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Nutrition against diseases: principles and results

  1. Food based on plant food does not allow you to gain weight and protects against all diseases.

    Studies have shown that when nutrition is based onPlant foods, diseases and a set of excess weight are simply impossible. Scientists have found out that plant food strictly corresponds to the digestive system, and animal protein is the key reason for almost all known diseases. And, first of all, liver cancer.

    Perfect nutrition, according to researchers,Should consist of plant foods. Ideal food should have two properties - be capable of self-digestion and contain dietary fiber. These two criteria are met by raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, oil seeds, grains, roots, greens. It is desirable to completely exclude all products containing animal protein, including meat, eggs, milk, kefir, cheese and others.

    Initially, these data were confirmed inExperiments on rats. The rats were divided into two groups. In the feed for the first group was 20% animal protein, and the second group contained only 5 animal protein. The result was awesome: all rats from the first group developed cancer or precancerous lesions. With rats from the second group everything was in order. This experiment was repeated several times and the results were always the same.

  2. Food, which (as we believe) contains many vitamins, is not always healthy.

    Sometimes we add food to our diet,Which, we believe, contains macronutrients, minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, amino acids and so on. But this absolutely does not guarantee that we eat right. For example, we are always told that there are many essential amino acids in meat. However, in the long term, the consumption of animal protein can cause a huge number of diseases. Only eating food that is appropriate to the structure and physiology of the digestive system gives us the opportunity to be healthy.

    Yes, it is difficult to reorganize your attitude towards food,Because we grew up on the research of scientists who spoke exactly the opposite. And for us, changing our beliefs, developed over the years and centuries, is a very difficult task. Nevertheless, progress does not stand still.

  3. Vitamin supplements are often unsafe.

    Another interesting conclusion of the Chinese study: The intake of biologically active additives not only does not guarantee a good state of the body, but can also give unforeseen side effects. The danger of dietary supplement is that taking them, you think that you are shielding yourself from all diseases. In this case, a person purely psychologically gives himself moral indulgence and considers it unnecessary to go in for sports or adhere to a diet. Evidence that food supplements can benefit health are missing.

  4. "Bad" and "good" genes activate food.

    Research has proven that ALL of our diseasesStart with an improper diet. Absolutely all diseases - obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer - can be regulated by nutrition, adjusting the amount of animal protein in the food.

    There are no "bad" and "good" genes. There are genes activated or not. There is a "start" is very simple: a shift of microflora in the intestine in one or the other direction makes it possible to activate the sleeping genes that are present in our body. Vegetable food does not start such a "shift", and the animal - starts.

  5. Vegetable food protects the body from chemical influences.

    Another conclusion is this: The body becomes more resistant, adverse effects of harmful chemicals in the use of plant foods. When there is no need to process animal protein, the liver, which is the chemical laboratory of our body, can easily cope with the excretion of poisons from the body.

Well and one more plus from a food vegetative food in that in an organism the huge quantity of energy is liberated. And a person can direct this energy into any useful "peaceful channel".

Eat right!

Based on the book "Chinese research"

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